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  1. Im just glad he wasn't officially canceled, looks like ill be back to dundef in a few months. also i did play d3, hc s8 barb, but meh. I appreciate the... replies.
  2. So, I used to play this quite often but got bored and was super hyped for barbarian, but i logged in today and i find out that hes gone from the create character screen, was he canceled?
  3. you just need to how to place them ;) iam fine with the flamethrower uber. No matter how you place them they'll still be in range of ogre stomp if they're in range of damaging ogre. then don't get near the ogre. i build primarily flamethrowers and i do perfectly fine.
  4. it might as well not be in the game due to it not working...
  5. possessed sword ticks 88 times, not 58(counted them individually from my video)
  6. ive had this issue since 6.1, was hoping this patch would fix, i added video
  7. i updated it in my post, but i counted each tick of damage and got approximately 88 ticks over the 28 seconds, so around 3 ticks per second dealing 14.5% each is 1276% hero dps, or 10.63/s as you converted however keep in mind this is something you can run to a lane in trouble, place it, and run to another lane
  8. for some reason bosses don't seem to be dropping loot for me most of the time is it due to the flamethrowers?
  9. thanks for the info, ill try and get this info on here asap, trying nm2 right now then ill check how many hits it does in the 28 seconds, and try math out the damage and stuff monk hero dmg 1656.2
  10. Cooldown: 120 seconds Duration: 28 seconds Description: create a field of swords for unsuspecting foes to fel upon in the battlefield. Damage----- lvl 16 216 max dmg, 5 projectiles, 1 second max attack rate ability monk hero dmg:1656.2-ability damage for 236, hits approximately 88 times over 28 seconds(+or- 2 hits)so... (whips out calculator) 236/1656=14% hero dmg(tested without wep same %) .14*88=1232% over 28 seconds. Usefullness: probably better at higher level, but its not very effective when going against enemies with 20k+hp
  11. first map free play easy. i build 2 harps per lane, one behind the crystal, and alt tab and watch anime while i farm. no need for me to upgrade or anything i just hit g at end of wave. currently working on getting it to first evolve, im at 4/10
  12. why you do this to me trendy? ;_; currently equipped relic
  13. i just finished the map completely, main change is i swapped the harpoons for some traps.
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