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  1. thats a Thing that annoys me for ballistas and harpies for example. they have a downtime after they fired for a while but that is not displayed in the actual dps. i mean the go to formula is: dps = (atk dmg+ critdmg x critchance/100)/atk rate instead use dps = [(atk dmg+ critdmg x critchance/100)/ atk rate]x dmg uptime/t dmg uptime + dmg downtime = t sec so say we have 300 dps, a dmg uptime of 2 seconds and a dmg downtime of 1 second. then we have 300x2/3. so effectively 200 dps over 1 dmg cycle. if the dmg uptime is not a set time, but a number of attacks then you simply Change: Z = 0.2 seconds/attack = atk rate Y = 10 attacks = amount of attacks till downtime dmg uptime = Y x Z - Z = 10attacks x 1/5 seconds/attack - 0.2 seconds/attack = 1.8 seconds the atk rate is nothing more then a sort of cd that is triggered after an attack. the Thing is the first attacks cd isnt there. its like a loaded rifle. you dont have to load before your first shot since it is loaded already. if you have 3 attacks then the first attack triggers asap not consuming any time then you have to w8 0.2seconds second shot and another 0.2seconds. for 10 attacks its the same. to make this formula now viable for Towers that dont have up and downtimes but a straight line of attacks when they are offcd, we Need to create a condition where dmg uptime = H = 1 and dmg downtime = I = 0. since a normal Shooting Tower cant have a dmg uptime of 1 since the dmg uptime is just in the instant of the attack and not for a whole second we take the downtime as our base. So our condition is simple. When I = 0, then H = 1. we dont Need an uptime if we have no downtime and if we have no downtime we just Need to set the uptime to 1 to not mess with the formula at all. for I = 0 and H = 1, t is 1 as well. then we can finally have a proper Display of Tower dps regardless of the way a Tower works. PS: could you add dps Display for all Towers, like for blaze, etc. as well. would be very convenient not to make the math every time i wanna know how much dps it does on average. not that its hard but its annoying if you have sth with Impact dmg and a dot for example or if its in the night i wanna chill and relax from the day not make math just to know how much dps my Tower is doing on average.
  2. i even think that having vamp emp is a good Thing, but having power trans is bad. you dont have crit -> dp or hp -> crit. i think that they should Change power trans to give you 60% of your hp as crit. this way you can even make a totem build with vamp and power trans.the mainissue with the current power trans is that the dp gain from destr isnt buffing power trans further, but the dp from vamp emp does buff the critgain from power trans. if i go for explosive traps f.e. i use power trans, vamp emp and atk rate with a Medaillon that has hp and Speed. i get a bunch of charges and i have 5% more dps then with using destr instead of vamp. well the way we made it in Rift when Progress raiding was to cap out critchance and critdmg and after that go for basedmg. with 5 peeps the critbuild was a bit worse but in a 10man or 20man the Focus on critdmg and critchance payed off. in Addition to our capped critchance which was hardcapped at 45% i think we got 2 times 5% from Supports and another 5% through a debuff from a dps to a total of 60% and with passive critchance increase from our souls we mostly had 10-15% more crit on top of that since they were added after the cap so in the end we had 70-75% critchance. basecrit dealt +50% dmg but with capped critdmg we had +100% or +120% sth like that. going alot higher then the 70-75% critchance made no sense for us since we made it rlly consistent already and some skills or cooldowns added Chance to crit on top of that anyway so we ended with full CDs at 90%+ critchance anyway. still the game was challenging when Progress raiding and the Content was made easier for casuals anyway after a while with that System both stats had their place cause crits scaled off of the basedmg. the Thing was for raiding the only way to go was for max critdmg and Chance first so there was only 1 Option. here you have seperate values for it but that if properly executed can be a Chance to more variety. you can make crit slightly stronger Overall but it lacks the 100% consistency of an all out dp build. this way you can choose if you wanna go down the consistency line or if you want to go the risk/reward line, but the execution right now is pretty poor and the Overall balancing is off as well. on top of that i was hyped when they said that they give us C6 and C7 but i mean making C7 in C5 gear was a bit boring and i expected more of a challenge. i mean a casual Player is stuck between C1-C5 anyway they shouldnt bother about high endgame and if they do they have the same Chance as anyone. make the new chaos Tiers hard and then nerf hp and dmg from enemies after like 2 months by 10-15%. this way even the hardest casuals can do it. you dont roadblock the casual Gamers. even a casual gamer wants to have fun and if they already brainafk farmed C5 i dont think that all they want is to brainafk farm C7 for 6 months. its not that C7 brings sth incredibly awesome to the table. if you nerf everything to the ground a week after or release it in such a state already then a casual is cheesing the way to C7 fast and then? a casual is someone who does not have much time to Play and wants to have fun in that short time without being limited to much by insane lvl grinds be it actual lvls or Ascension lvls *chrm chrm* or farming days and days for mats to craft 1 item. its not like they dont want a challenge. a casual has sth better to do then being frustrated by the game or doing nothing else then brainafk grinding in the short time he/she is playing the game. thats why i dislike making C6 and C7 so easy. zapper nerf was to much. the game isnt balanced yet you nerf the enemies into the ground. zapper atm is like *whatever*. oh dear that post is pretty Long again. but well it had to be said.
  3. That was a lot to take in but I think you're heading in the right direction. The C.Chance shard definitely needs to be made viable, combining it with the dmg shard (once scalars have been adjusted) is something I'd like (chance and damage would likely be mandatory and one shard slot for most crit builds is lame IMO). I 100% agree that a mark should be always better for crit builds. Medallion with power transfer is just crazy amounts of dps compared to a mark so I've never used a mark yet, except for testing. I am sure Trendy already have an idea of what they are going to do, there's no way they will leave crit at these numbers. Heaps of balancing to come before the game leaves EA, but when is the question. Patience is always needed with DD2 :D well it took some time to write this stuff as well. reading is still faster then writing^^ but even with 50% critchance a critbuild is still not 100% consistent. thats why giving it 10% more dps on average is the right way. it is still risk/reward cause you want consistency for hard Content so you can actually rely on your def. if i have a dp build and i know they always deal enough dmg to kill a lane i know which lane i can rely on and where i have to help out. a crit build with the same average dps can still lowrole and mess a lane up even tough the average is the same dps. so you cant rely on it and if you a lane with a dp build can just hold itself a critbuild with 50% Chance can *** you up when only lowrolling an average 35-40% critchance for a short time already. if you then have to leave the lane you defend you have opened a new weak spot. thats why 10% more dps on average is a good value. its enough to make up for no insane lowroles, but isnt to high to make lowroles irrelevant.
  4. well the nerf i suggested is if they dont Change crit and to be honest they have to Change crit. their critmultiplier is 5 times higher then the dp Multiplier. since the only viable Option atm is going for 30% critchance. so if you have the same amount of crit as dp you deal on average 30% of its dps. if you go for 5 times the amount on average you deal 150% the dmg of the dp build. so in that regard its already a stupid System. in Addition to that its completly highrole with just 30% critchance and it destroys the reason for the critchance shard to exist. thats why i would increase the critchance cap to 50%. in Addition to this you would have to nerf the critmultiplier to 200% so if you only have a relic with 1 stat either dp or crit a defense should have the exact same dps with both of them. the Thing is that you Need 1 shard already. where a dp build does not. so in this case you would have to Balance it around the 35% critchance you have without the shard which is an awkward number. the Thing is the critchance you get from Ascension and basecritchance is available for builds that use Medaillons as well. which throws the Balance all over the place again. so we Need a System that keeps the critchance of defenses low when a Medaillon is used but high if you use a mark. so we have to give certain relics, certain power ups. due to having to adjust the critmultiplier a bit up from 200% for balancing reasons we cant leave the critchance shard at 15% with 100% Multiplier 15% Chance would be a 15% increase in dps. with 200% it would be a 30% dps increase if you go higher it will go higher as well. the solution would be to reduce the basecritchance to 5% and Ascension to 15%. if you leave ascension at 20% then you will see builds with med that has crit and Speed and use power trans, critchance and critdmg to often. but thats not all. critchance shard is now 10% instead of 15% and a mark buffs that defense another 20% critchance. this way a critbuild is alot more effective when using a mark and you can reach 50% that way. new Players have 25% critchance when using a mark and when not they shouldnt care about crits anyway. now you have clean numbers. 40% critchance without critchance shard means you Need a 250% crit Multiplier and a 100% dp Multiplier so both are on equal Turf. now the dps is balanced between Medaillons and marks without shards. since Progress should be balanced around having a challenge it is easy to do with straightforward DP builds. so using a critbuild that has on average the same dps wouldnt be used, cause even with 50% critchance it would lack the consistency of a dp build. you can highrole and kill the lane easier but at the same time you can lowrole and get completly crushed which is not helpful for Progression and makes no sense when playing a risk/reward build like critbuilds. so you have to increase the critmultiplier a bit (but not in a way like trendy did holy ***). if you go with 275% instead of 250% you have 25% more critdmg with a 40% Chance which means you effectively have 10% more dps then a dp build. thats a reasonable amount. highrole is minimized since you have up to 50% critchance and on average you have 10% more dps which is helpful for Progression. you can lowrole but even then you can compensate for Little Spikes due to the higher average dps. now we end up with the critchance shard. right now its balanced around 40% crit. if you add a 10% critchance to a 275% Multiplier you have on average a 27.5% dps increase. a reasonable amount if you think about 33% atk rate, 34% dp, 34% critdmg and this stuff. thats why i reduced the critchance gain to 10% on that shard. with 15% you would be beyond 40% dps increase. but to come to an end. 27.5% dps increase from critdmg through 10% critchance increase is nice and i would even use it over a critdmg shard if i had only 1 shardslot open. the reason again is consistency. i would already have a bit more dps then a dp build so going down the consistency line is more helpful since a dp build is 100% consistency, critbuilds are not. thats my opinion about the crit System. as i said the dmg nerf to WM is only like i described it in the other post if nothing is changing in Terms of the crit System. the Thing is the critsystem has to Change and this is how i would do it. shards Need a Balance as well afterwards, but for the beginning thats for crit.
  5. i beat my first c7 map at 137 ascension with these towers. didn't take much effort. at 180 ascension and with highest stat relics i was able to carry public c7 games with campaign gear guys. and i'm not even good at this game. they definitely need to nerf some stuff. So you had the highest stat relics, but were still only wearing campaign gear. Curious as to how you had absolutely nothing but relics drop from Chaos 1-7. Or is it just like the rest of your post, a complete load of crap. he said "with" campaign gear guys. the peeps in his Pub C7 had only campaign gear not he himself. even if someone would carry him C7 as Long as he only has campaign gear he gets not even C2 gear since the stats depend on your dps gear.
  6. well flame Aura is to strong as well. it can hit emp Flyers while fissures cant. slightly more dps then fissures but slightly less range. wep manu right now is to strong. the Thing is it delivers you with a lvl3 flameaura/node so with 3 nodes you basically have a lvl3 flameaura for 40 mana. it doesnt matter that you cant upgrade it i think having it like that is a good design choice. the Thing is a lvl3 flame Aura is 30 DU and 180 mana. so for having to spend an average 10 DU more/node then for an Aura you get a 150 mana boost since you dont have to upgrade. 150 mana you save for every single node. so if i just place 15 nodes on a map i spend 150 DU and mana more then with auras but you essentially save yourself 2250 mana for Upgrades now you have to take the 150 you spend more into account as well and you still have a net gain of 2100 mana. with this mana you can upgrade the rest of your defenses. as we all know a lvl3 flameaura destroy the lane anyway except maybe for Lady orcs and bosses depending on the number you place. so not only is the WM giving you an insane early game with essentially lvl3 flame auras before wave 1, it also saves you a ridiculous amount of mana which you can use to max out the rest. so in order to bring WM back into the line reduce the amount dmg it deals by 50% to not only bring it down to lvl2 flameaura stats instead of lvl3 but give it an additional slight nerf on top since flame auras are to strong as well. right now my WM deals over 630k dps while having a rangeshard equipped for each node and it can hit air!!! if we reduce the dmg by 50% it still has 315k AOE dps for an average of 40 DU. in Addition to the dmg nerf reduce the DU/Mana cost of the initial Building from 30 to 10 DU/Mana. this way you are not so limited in Terms of Building stuff. pre nerf you would have 15750 dps/mana spend, post nerf you would have 9450 dps/mana spend. this would reduce the dps/mana spend by exactly 40% which is a reasonable nerf to begin with. WM should be doing more dps in the early game but no Chance to scale into the lategame. thats why i said ist a good design choice. if you make it lower dps and upgradable its just a second flame Aura. attacks air as well, deals same dmg has same radius, ... if you want to have diversity you dont want WM to be upgradable. even if WM is on a dps Ratio on par with a lvl2 flameaura it saves you 50mana/node for Upgrades but costs 10 DU and mana more to build. you still have a reasonable amount of saved mana but since you cant upgrade it you dont want to have to many of them cause they get more useless the higher the waves get. thats how i would Change WM. sure they Need to buff lots of Towers and rework lots of Towers as well but some are to strong currently. even if you Balance them all to the lvl of Flames and WMs the game would become even easier. so a nerf is necessary at that Point.
  7. that just Shows that the Person doing the balancing for trendy has no clue.
  8. and another Thing to note is. mark is more dps then orb if you go for the single target dmg even though its not a big deal. 550k dps with heavy cannonball and orb vs 750k dps with mark. well you have to add 30k dps on top of the 550k for the average number of enemies hit by the cannonball. so you can end up with 850k dps if you hit 10 enemies. but thats a a rare Thing. more importantly cannons are a heavily crit dependant build. so you rely on rng for the dmg. 1kk critdmg lvl1 vs 1.8kk critdmg. if an enemy has 2kk hp and i crit 2 times in a row the enemy is dead anyway. if an enemy has 1kk hp it dies anyway but i have a huge Overkill with 1.8kk critdmg. Overkill is worth nothing. the difference is my Tower has a 0.15sec higher atk rate. 0.75 vs 0.9. the faster a Tower the less highrole an rng build like critbuilds or proccbuilds will be. if i have a Tower with 100kk critdmg but it attacks every 10sec wow gg highrole that dmg and then have useless Overkill. thats why a flamethrower is insane with crit since it attacks so fast that it pumps out crits more often. 30% critchance a Tower with 1 attack/sec and one with 0.1 attacks/sec. the first will have on average 3 crits within 10sec. the other one has a 30% Chance to highrole 1 crit within 10 sec. thats why you want to have critbuilds on fast Towers, to minimize the Overkill and maximize a consistent critrate. since you have real aoe Towers in the front that will kill small stuff and bring the hp down from big dudes you dont Need These insane highrole critbuilds. it will just hurt your consistency and your dps. oh and the stun is still there and if you stun enemies within your auras you have a nice dps boost then if they would walk out. if you want to talk about dps then you have to consider alot more Things then what is displayed. just my 2 Cents PS: if you want your post to be helpful it has to be for a real Situation and not a ficitional fight against dummies, so if you go for a max dps thread you have to take a real Situation into account.
  9. btw i use power Transfer and critdmg on my cannons and heavy cannonball. deadly has no value if i dont Need the range at all. so destr adds 40k dps and heavy cannonball when it hits 1 target max every 5 shots is 30k dps. so if i hit with the heavy cannonball 1 time 1 enemy and 1 time 2 enemies so 3 enemies total within 10 shots i already have 45k dps on average. which is more then destr. and hitting 1.5 enemies on average with a heavy cannonball is not rlly hard. not even counting the stun. a 3k range cannon vs a 4.2k range cannon makes no difference, since your maintargets for cannons are orcladies, bosses and assassins. and for them a stun is a rlly nice Thing to have.
  10. 1. you said you figured out the best relics at any Ascension and any chaos Tier and pointed them out. 2. you said that this applies to all primarily dmg defenses. 3. you pointed the only 2 shards out that you think are worth using. 4. you said that medallion with def rate & power Transfer is the best dps relic all the time except for pdts until C7 and 488 asc. 5. you consider deadly strikes a required shard. I haven't said anything that you can disagree with. I haven't given my opinion on anything. I'm just graphing the equations behind the damage numbers that you see popping up and showing the results. Heavy Cannonball is a 20% chance to do 950% DP as damage. At Tier 1, that is exactly how much its damage scales with DP. So it's +20% atk dmg at Tier 1 (and it goes down as you upgrade), and it has a much smaller crit multiplier. And since the majority of damage after the 19.5 patch comes from crit, this is not a significant damage increase. I've stated several times that this is about DAMAGE. If you want CC, go for it. CC is great, I'm not mad at it. But that's a totally different conversation. I'm talking about damage numbers here. I never claimed the best relic build for C7 was Power Transfer, Defense Critical Damage, and Defense Rate on a Mark. I said those shards should be used on a Medallion. #RelicTypesMatter and, as I previously mentioned, there seems to be a bug with how Destruction and Power Transfer stack or don't stack. Depending on which way that goes it could swing in favor of medallion or mark at certain levels. If you say yourself that Empowered Flame is not an improvement over the relics that can be used by any tower, then why would I bother to recreate all of the graphs just to include 1 additional shard that provides no benefit?Empowered Flame is clearly bugged. It is either doing more damage than it is intended to do, or the description on it is wrong. I'm not going to include a shard that I know is bugged until I find out what the correct amount of damage it should be doing is.These are 5 Points that i can disagree with and you tell me that i cant disagree with anything you said. well even if you only go for dmg what you say is wrong and i never said that you mentioned mark is the best. that was an example from me. heavy canonball crits for half of the critdmg of a normal shot but it hits up to 10 Targets instead of 1. every 5 shots on average you get 1 heavy cannonball, that hits up to 10 enemies. you say its all about dps but the only times when dps matters is when you dont faceroll everything and enemies dont die asap after spawn. which means you will most likely have situations where you want CC to maximize your dps. even without the stun its like adding a cannonball that hits 1-2 Targets on every shot. heavy cannonball deals the same dmg noncrit on lvl1 as the Tower itself and 50% when it crits. since you only upgrade cannons to lvl2-3 this wont Change that much. so say we hit only 5 enemies with the canonball every 10 shots of the Canon we still have a dps increase of 50% for noncrits and 25% for crits and get a 2sec stun. a stun from heavy canonball buys us 2sec more time and if you go for 3 Canons/lane you have a constant stream of them. my example for emp flame clearly showed that your Statement that it is not viable is completly wrong and emp flame does more dmg then it should do, but thats the current state of the game and you posted stuff for the current state of the game. you have to consider These factors when making a post like this. if your Distribution is for someone progressing (i guess so otherwise you wouldnt bother displaying C1-C6) you have to take into account that CC is a relevant factor and that raw dps is not winning you the game, but a build that buys you some time in some form while maximizing dps. if you would talk with speedruns in mind so overgeared C7 Players then deadly strikes is a complete joke to use. i mean you yourself commited to the line of saying deadly strikes is a relevant shard. its not giving you more dps, yet you say its all about dps in this thread. so instead of using 3 shards for pure dps you use a shard that deals no dps but complain about me using a "cc" shard. what deadly does is increasing range and increasing the time your defenses can deal dmg not the dmg per sec itself. deadly gives you more time to deal dmg and so does heavy cannonball. so stop saying that your post is only for dmg. then why do you include deadly strikes my friend if you insist that heavily on only talking about dmg numbers.
  11. try it. trying it out would have been alot faster then asking it in the Forums.
  12. im way below 400 Ascension and yet orb is best for cannons in C7, while mark is best for some other Towers like flame auras and Medaillons have their favorite Towers as well like pdts or serpant coil. so all 3 have Towers where they shine. so i cant agree with what you are saying. heavy cannonball is worth using. the stunshard for cannons can only stun, heavy cannonball stuns and has a projectile that can crit as well. so even if the basedmg is low the crits are massive. and it can hit up to 10 enemies and can stun all of them. empowered flame f.e. is viable as well. flamethrower with a purp C7 Mark power Transfer, critdmg and atk rate deals ~630k dps lvl1 with 382 Ascension. if you replace power Transfer with emp flame you end up with ~630k as well. parsed on the dummy for 5 mins both. so no explosive and enhanced are not the only Tower specific shards worth using.
  13. well having or not having cc can win or loose you the game or at least make it alot easier.
  14. frosties do not only buff DP, they buff critdmg as well. just saying.
  15. if you wanna see some lovely trees and it is with zapper kill as well.
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