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  1. As a huntress DPS, I'd put a point more if i can at least get a another decimal into my overall DPS!
  2. Just a few thoughts I'd like to throw in, Id also like to mention I do not expect these to be implemented any time soon. #1) Character collision: I do not see a point in it. Since it is a co-op game, character collision provides unneeded blocking by other players. It does not happen often, but on the occasions it does, it can ruin the run. Example- (lets say the level is servants quarters)A lane is under heavy fire, and you (as the apprentice) are going to be desperately needed to get there ASAP, in order to repair so you don't lose. At the same time, the huntress is running to go do Piercin
  3. Monk is always Support and I got say, each aura does its job. Huntress IMO, is pure DPS.
  4. Steam ID: IIThePwnerII (I's are i)
  5. im sure to determine a good huntress weapon use this equation Damage*ss*[(clip + Reload)*10] something among those lines.
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