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  1. Obviously this person doesn't deserve to play-test if they can't even follow simple instructions. Let me do it :D
  2. Shuffling the deck during the build phase will only work if the towers and stats persist. Any alteration will render the mechanic useless. Also, I really could care less about hot swapping during combat. Once build-phase shuffling is introduced I'll start playing again. Or just raise the limit to 6. That will allow for a range of towers and possibly more than 1 dps hero. I think we can all live that.
  3. According to design, all of the items on the Bling Wheel have an equal chance to drop. I had them triple check the numbers to confirm. That is good to hear. Thank you for confirming Iamisom. However, I still feel that it being a reward is a slap in the face. Why should I have to pay for something I can easily get grinding Onslaught? Now to the suggestion page to remove it from the wheel altogether.
  4. From the patch notes: Adjusted mortar-style shot DPS to be closer to other weapon behaviors for Huntress/Apprentice. RIP At least I don't have to bang my head against Inc Ramp and Betsy anymore. Dozens of runs and nothing good.
  5. Aznpride you're referring to "bait and switch" tactics which most companies refrain from doing anymore as it earns them a bad reputation. Weighting lesser items to have a greater chance to drop is the standard for rewards that do not require real $ but Trendy is applying the same weighting to Premium items which, imho, is major BS. Cheesy mobile "freemium" games do it, sad to see it in a AAA title. Random is still random and you got lucky but I'll bet cold hard cash that the "lesser prizes" are set to drop more often.
  6. That the lockbox key is probably 10x more likely to be the first thing won is exactly how Trendy works. No surprise here.
  7. I welcome the change as I see no difference between discussing the game and providing feedback. As soon as you voice an opinion- it's feedback. There should be a Game Discussions/Feedback forum and create a sub-forum for non-game related discussions with a sticky stating that it'll only be monitored for general ***baggery and that all game related discussions, feedback, suggestion, etc should be posted in the correct forums. I also see a lot of Feedback posts in the Defenders Lounge-- what is it's purpose anyways? Perhaps this is where all non-game related discussions should go?
  8. That was with a 50% xp bonus so 195% combined. Seems odd
  9. Does it seem like a lot less XP is being granted since the last patch went live? With 3 50's, both spheres and then the daily 50% bonus Throne Room on Hard didn't even award 200k XP. I can specifically remember seeing that number more towards and over 700k. Assault on the Throne Room on End Game/Insane awarded essentially the same 190k XP. What gives Trendy? Why the ninja nerf making the leveling grind practically 3 times longer? Not cool.
  10. For people that can and do play all day the percentages won't matter. Eventually they will have all bis gear. This is as it's has been and forever will be. Everyone that calls for worse gear needs slapped. It shouldn't be about the gear but sadly that is all this game is about so improvements, NOT nerfs, must be made. For build passives the activating stat should absolutely be present. What's a Harb Tower sword without Defense Health? Junk. It could be 150% Void with 20% automation and 5% Crit and still be.. JUNK. Sold or used to upgrade other gear WITHOUT question. Add DH and it can be used
  11. It's absolutely asinine to have a green (can't remember the name, sorry) chest spawn at the end of an NM4 map. There's ZERO chance of anything being in there that's useful. They aren't even worth using to upgrade other gear and don't sell for anything. Up to NM - anything goes NM1 - No more green chests NM2 - No more green chests, greater chance of Myth and Legendary over Epic NM3 - Same as NM2 with even higher chance of Myth and Legendary over Epic NM4 - Only Mythical and Legendary chests will spawn Risk vs. Reward .. logic.
  12. Takes up ridiculous amounts of space to the point where I sell all Fish type food and even a few cakes.
  13. Similar to rerolling pet stats, why can't the same mechanics be applied to gear? I can't even count the number of times I've sold/burned gear because just one stat was off making it completely useless. With so many less drops since 2.0 and I'm definitely NOT seeing better drops overall.. a better system needs put in to place.
  14. While I'm mainly getting depressed with seeing Defense Damage and Defense Crit on items with Hearty Blockade, I see it happening for all classes. Defense Health and Defense Crit on ANY piece of gear = USELESS Hero Health and Hero Crit on ANY piece of gear = USELESS Defense Crit Damage on weapons - REMOVE IT, it's USELESS for every class/build Harb Sword and Mage tower staffs with ANYTHING but Defense Health = USELESS Huntress trap gear, Towering Poison without Defense Health = USELESS Hearty Blockade on an item without Defense Health = USELESS on all but a shield (of course) This only mak
  15. I've been running NM4 Harb for a couple weeks now trying to find a Sword with Defense Health. Estimates: 100 Mage Staves - who cares 100 Monk Polearms - who cares 100 Squire Shields - who cares 20 Bows - 1 hero dps with decent stats but FAR from optimal 20 Swords - None with Defense Health - NONE And I'm not the only one. Everyone I run with is having the same results. Perhaps it's our dumb luck but ok, even with 20 swords not ONE had Defense Health. Even outside Harb I've not found a Mythical or Legendary sword with iPwr over 650 with Defense Health. Please fix this when you fix the othe
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