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  1. Question: Why do you want more space? I know this is a thing that a lot of people have been wanting, but I'm really baffled as to why this is a thing anyone wants. My best guess is that people are hoarding duplicate shards that are not needed or hoarding crap gear that they will never touch. Pls let me know the reason why people want more inventory space. If anything, I would like less inventory space and fewer crap items filling my inventory.
  2. https://twitter.com/TrendyEnt/status/982349975408361472 "if you don't love me at my" "then you don't deserve me at my" Discuss.
  3. I did think of someone I missed though. Mystic's Snaking Sands are also traps.
  4. "So..."? I'm waiting. So... what? Flame Aura can also be stunned by Cyborks. So...
  5. Wrong, Dryad has traps aswell :) Wrong, those are AI Spawners. The game might use the wording "trap" in the tooltip but they are very clearly fundamentally different in their behavior from traps.
  6. Auras have 1 radius where their effect is constantly on. In an aura, an enemy inside the effect radius will receive the effect. Traps have 2 radius...es? radii? uhh this is a weird plural word... anyway... They have 1 radius for their effect (damage, knock up, status, etc), and they have a second, smaller, radius for their trigger. In a trap, an enemy inside the effect radius will be perfectly safe until something triggers the smaller trap radius. Currently there are 3 heroes that can build ttraps, Huntress (Explosive Trap, Geyser Trap & Blaze Balloon), Lavamancer (Oil Geyser), and Mystic (Snaking Sands) It also depends on the context. There are other things that the game classifies as traps that behave fundamentally different from traps. Like the Dryad's spawners. They are very clearly not traps but the game classifies them as traps for some reason. I assume it's because when they were made they just copied a Huntress defense as the base starting point and modified it from there so it just inherited the "Trap" classification that way. They should change these to say "Spawner" or something.
  7. I always believed that the Void Knight was redesigned as a boss and became the harbinger. He has a lot of the visual design elements in common with the harbinger's whole theme. The next 2 that I want are Man & Machine, and Countess, but I want Countess's Spike Blockade to be replaced by Bouncer Blockade.
  8. I still really believe that every hero should just have double jump innately.
  9. You must be new around here. Every time a hero is released it is OP at launch and it is balanced later. It's just a fact that Barbarian is currently over powered and it is inevitable that it will be balanced at some point. When Abyss Lord was added, he was the strongest hero in the game. He was eventually balanced. When Series EV 2 was added, she was the strongest hero in the game. She was eventually balanced. When Gun Witch was added, she was the strongest hero in the game. She was eventually balanced. When Lavamancer was added, he was actually pretty weak. This was the first time a hero was not OP when it was added. But he got buffed. His Fissure & Volcano were very powerful because Fissure was free defenses that did a decent amount of damage for 0 DU, and his Volcano was absurd. Then he was balanced. When Mystic was added, she was maybe not the strongest, because there were other OP heroes at the time, but she was pretty OP herself. She was eventually balanced. When Dryad was added, she was OP. She was eventually balanced. When Barbarian was added, he was and still is OP. He will eventually be balanced. Some of the heroes have gone through cycles of being OP, balanced, OP, under powered, OP, balanced, but one thing is certain (and TE themselves have openly admitted it) and that is that new heroes are always intentionally made over powered and eventually get balanced.
  10. Am I the only one that would like to see the ability resource pool and healing mechanics of all the heroes revisited? Some of them are already unique and I'm fine with them staying how they are. But there are some that I would like to see changed. Apprentice/AdeptHealing Ability - Currently just has the basic "Heal Self" channeling ability that is cancelled when you move or take damage. I think this could be replaced with something like Arcane Restoration - An AoE spell like Mana Bomb but without the casting time that places a health regenerating buff on any heroes in the area. The buff is dispelled when a hero takes damage. Ability Resource - Mana - I think his current Blue Mana resource pool can remain as it is. It is not automatically regenerated. Various amounts drop in the form of blue crystals when enemies are killed and they are picked up to fill his resource pool. As long as all the other heroes are changed, this would become a mechanic unique to the Apprentice. Monk/InnitiateHealing Ability - Meditate - This would be somewhat similar to the current Heal Self but I imagine the animation being like levitating in the lotus position. Ability Resource - Chi - Monk/Initiate would use their Chi to power their abilities. Chi would not automatically generate on its own, but a small amount would passively generate while inside of a Serenity Aura, or it could be restored faster by using Meditate. Meditating inside of a Serenity Aura would stack for the fastest regeneration. Squire/CountessHealing Ability - Masochism - A short term buff that converts incoming damage to healing. Ability Resource - Stamina - Stamina would be used to power abilities. A large resource pool that cannot be regenerated or restored in any way during Combat Phase (which is why it is a large pool, but it's still possible to run out if you spam too much). All Stamina is restored completely during Build Phase (because you get to take a break from the fighting and rest to restore your stamina) Huntress/RangerHealing Ability - ??? - I'm not really sure what about this one. Got any ideas? I was thinking a Healing Flask to go along with her Oil Flask, but that might be too similar to Dryad's Powder Toss. Ability Resource - ??? - I can't think of what her ability resource should be, or how it is gained. Any suggestions? Abyss LordThis guy already has unique healing, and ability resource generation. Just give it a new name so it's not confused with other characters who use a thing called "Mana". Call it Souls or something. Series EV2Healing Ability - Repair Station - A thing that can be placed like defenses, but it doesn't have any DU cost, only 1 can be placed, it can be moved, and it does no damage. She can activate it and it takes 2-3s to repair her to full. Repair time is constant no matter how much health needs to be restored and it cannot be cancelled or interupted once started. Ability Resource - Heat is already unique. Gun WitchHealing and ability resource are already unique. LavamancerHealing and ability resource are already unique. But something needs to change with how he gains his ability resource. Currently you need to build Fissures and they spawn a pickup to restore molten power. That's cool and all, but if someone else is building the map and there's no room for Fissures, then you have no way to gain Molten Power. One way to fix it is change Fissures back to 0 DU and limited to 2-3 per map. But free damage for 0 DU is bad for the game so they'd have to be just used to generate ability resource. That would leave him with only Oil Geyser, Maw, and Volcano, so he would not be an effective builder. So my next idea would be to change Eruption ability. Replace it with Volcanic Vent. You can place 2-3 Volcanic Vents around the map for 0 DU. These things are what generate Molten Power pickups. They can also be "activated" to spend molten power to trigger an eruption that would produce the same effect that Eruption has now. This way he can keep all 4 defenses, still has a way to generate ability resource pickups, and gets to keep the ability to erupt. MysticHealing and Ability Resource are already unique. Possibly change Serpent's Coil to cost 0 DU and not deal damage, but make enemies killed around it drop health orbs. DryadHealing and Ability Resource are already unique. BarbarianI don't want to comment on Barbarian right now. If anyone else has anything to say about his healing and ability resource, spit it out.
  11. Nobody seems to care about the Barbarian being over powered.
  12. You're too concerned with trying to post "Gotcha's" that you didn't actually read what I wrote. Abyss Lord does not use blue mana, at least not the same blue mana as the Original Four. His resource bar may be blue, but he does not sweep up blue crystals from the floor. He gains his mana by using his primary attack on enemies. That's not just "flavor text" it was a brand new resource pool with a unique method of generation. I only mentioned this in the section where I was talking about his abilities. Use context clues to figure out that I'm talking about healing abilities, not towers. Before the Abyss Lord there was only 1 standard healing ability that every hero had and it was a channeled self heal. There are seven different healing abilities in the game. In order of when they were added to the game: Heal Self (Apprentice, Squire, Monk, Huntress, Series EV2, Innitiate, Adept, and most likely Countess & Hunter when they are added) - The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.Abyss Fountain (Abyss Lord) - A healing fountain of energy from the spirit world soothing the wounds of all nearby. [THIS IS THE FIRST HEALING ABILITY THAT IS NOT A SELF ONLY HEAL]Vroom Broom (Gun Witch) - Catch a ride on the Gun witch's broom scooter, increasing moving speed and restoring health.Submerge (Lavamancer) - The Lavamancer burrows underground, moving unhindered and healing over time. Press jump or the ability again to launch up through the surface and damage enemies.Serpent's Coil (Mystic) - Summon a coiled serpent that attacks nearby enemies. Should they die, a healing orb spawns where they perish. If collected by a hero, this orb heals for 60% of their max health.Powder Toss (Dryad) - Purification mushrooms heal nearby allies and slow enemies. Corrupt mushrooms deal damage and stun when they expire.Siphon Stance (Barbarian) - Turned damage dealt with primary attacks into self-healing. Siphon Stance causes Staggering Shout to apply a lifesteal debuff to affected enemies, converting Whirlwind damage dealt into self-healing.Notice, Serenity Aura and World Tree can also heal but I don't mention them here because they're not healing abilities. Serpent's Coil is debatable. If you want to call that a tower instead of an ability, that's fine. I can see it going both ways. Call it whatever you want, I won't argue with that. No, I'm not forgetting about Monk. But monks attacks are still either a standard melee attack pattern or projectile shots. Nobody had an attack style like Abyss Lord's primary. It's not melee. It's not a ranged projectile. It's like a constant cone of damage. So... no. Monk did not have that first. Yeah, that was unique. I said he came with unique towers that had unique mechanics.
  13. The word you're looking for is over-powered, not unique. He is not unique in many ways, he is over-powered in many ways. And I promise you he will eventually be fixed at some point.
  14. 1. Cool, he's OP, just like every new hero is when it's released. That is par for the course. That doesn't mean he's anything special, it just means they haven't got around to balancing him yet, which, of course they will. Being able to defend an entire lane for 0 DU is bad for the game in the long run. It may be fun in the short term, but there's a reason why Lavamancer's Fissue was increased from 0 DU and there's a reason why Gun Witch, another DPS only hero, can't completely solo lanes without defenses. Barbarian will for sure be fixed at some point as well. 2. I didn't mention weapon types for a reason. every hero no matter what it is has its own weapon types. Even the original 4 have their own weapon types. This is nothing new. Even Squire and Dryad who both use swords used to have their own types of swords. 3. I said good things about Abyss Lord. Good things about Series EV 2. Good things about Gun Witch. Good things about Lavamancer. Good things about Mystic. Good things about Dryad. And encouraging things about M&M. I didn't even say anything negative about Barbarian. Just meh. Just indifference towards a hero that doesn't have anything unique. You're the one who is trying to focus on the negative, even when nothing negative was said. Go away.
  15. That's cool, I'm glad you like it. As someone who has been playing for years, he doesn't really add anything for me. All of the other heroes came with totally unique and brand new stuff for us to play with. This guy is kinda just more of what we already had. And it is typical for new heroes to be over powered. They've told us that they do that on purpose to make players excited to get the new heroes. They'd rather error on the side of OP instead of being useless. New heroes always start out incredibly strong and then get nerfed down to the power level of other heroes.
  16. I don't want to focus on how "meh" the barbarian is, I really want to highlight how great the other heroes designs have been, and to do that, the Barbarian will be shown in contrast with the others. The purpose of this thread isn't to say "You messed up" it's to show how good you have been in the past and can be in the future, and hope that when new heroes are added we can return to the standard we've come to expect from new heroes in DD2 instead of just cramming something in just for the sake of having it. 1. Abyss LordThe first of the new heroes, the Abyss Lord brought to Dungeon Defenders 2 totally new concepts. It was the first time a hero used a new resource that wasn't "blue mana". Instead of picking up blue crystals on the ground like everyone else, he could drain the souls of his enemies to power his abilities. Until now all heroes were either melee or ranged, but this guy could do short-mid ranged AoE attacks or long ranged directed attacks. He came with new towers that had new mechanics and concepts including a blockade that could dish out damage that could match any tower and a tower that could fire in 2 different directions at different enemies simultaneously. Along with introducing new types of defenses, he came with a new set of totally unique abilities. He could summon temporary "defenses" that deal AoE damage or heal. He was the first hero with a unique healing mechanic, and the first hero that could heal other players. On top of that, he could use an ability to power up defenses. And he was the first hero to break the mold of power spheres. It was a completely new and original hero. He may have started out as a remake of the Summoner from DD, but he became something new entirely. 2. Series EV2This was not a totally new hero, Series EV was in DD. But she wasn't directly ported into DD2. She got herself an upgrade before teaming up with our grown up heroes. She wasn't new to the DD universe, but she did bring new things to DD2. She was the first hero that introduced node and beam defenses into DD2. The only hero that could build walls that don't just absorb projectiles, but reflect them back at the enemy. Another unique mechanic for ability resource. Instead of needing to acquire energy to use abilities, you have to dissipate heat so you don't overheat. And if you did, overheating was worse than just running out of mana because you had to completely remove it before you could use any abilities again. She was also the first hero that added mobility with abilities. There was nothing like Death From Above in the game before this that could launch a hero into the sky, or an ability where you could decide how much ability resource to spend to increase your damage (Proton cannon). 3. GunwitchProbably the most unique hero released to this point. She brought many new concepts, abilities, and mechanics to the game. A totally new hero that didn't exist in any form in any previous game. The first DPS-only hero in the game, and by extension, the first hero with 8 abilities. The first hero with a focus on mobility by: introducing double-jumping to the game (a mechanic that I still believe every hero should have), introducing flight to the game, and introducing the ability to hover in mid air to the game. Along with another ability similar to EV's Death From Above (Broom Vault) except it could be combo'd with double jump, and flying for insane mobility or just lauching yourself up high for a good snipe spot. You could build her however you wanted Want high single target damage? Build for Snipe, Ice Needle, Two At Twice The Price. Want AoE damage? Build for Blunder Broom Buster, Scatter Sweep, Broom Nado. Want to CC? Build for Blunder Broom Buster, Book Drop, Drenching Broom Nado. Want support? Build for Blunder Broom Buster, Book Vault, Book Drop. 4. LavamancerMaybe the weakest example of innovation, but he's still got some things going for him. We already had heroes that deal fire damage (Apprentice's Flamethrower, Huntress's Blaze Balloon), but this was the first (and currently only) hero that specializes in a single element. Maybe we'll have more elemental heroes in the future. That alone I don't think is enough to make him unique. But besides that... He was the first hero in the game that: had 0 DU defenses; restored ability resource through pick-ups generated by defenses; could toggle between "stances". He's not the first hero to have stances, the Monk had crane stance & dragon stance, but had to choose a stance and stick with it through every combat phase. Lavamancer was the first with the ability to swap stances during combat (Harden/Enflame). He's also the single fastest hero, on the ground at least, with submerge/emerge. He also introduced a brand new status effect that was useful for CC & damage: Petrify 5. MysticAnother very unique lady. Where do I even begin? Totally new hero to DD. New theme unlike anything we've had before. Healing: She could summon a single 0 DU defense that generates health pick-ups that anyone can use. Ability Resource: drops from slain enemies, much like blue mana, but far more consistently. Every enemy is guaranteed to drop 1 soul while the Mystic is active in combat. Buffs: She, and her obelisk, passively become more powerful as her ability resource pool is filled. *TWO* new status effects: Bubble - CC'd a single enemy, but could the CC effect could be sacrificed for more AoE damage instead (popping the bubble with a ranged attack to make it rain). Confuse - make an area of enemies attack each other instead of your defenses. Two new variants of existing status effects: Constrictor - an AoE Stun with damage over time, and Polymorph to turn enemies into snakes. New kinds of defenses: A trap that goes through different phases of attack; A tower that can either be built for split multishot or ramp up damage over time to a single target; A tower that that becomes more versatile and more powerful with buffs as ability resource is gained. 6. DryadYet another unique lady. Not completely unique and original, as it was inspired from another game, but still brings totally unique mechanics to the game. She brought an entire new class of defenses, the AI spawners, that can work in multiple ways. They can spawn a set number of creatures that have their own attack rate and never die and seek out enemies to kill, or they can continually respawn creatures that suicide and explode. And there's so much more that can be done with this type of defense in the future now that it exists. Also has "pylon" style defense placement which is not new to the world or to the genre but is new to Dungeon Defenders. Another hero that can swap "stances" on demand, but innovates on the concept by altering the effects of her abilities. Another unique way to generate ability resource, by having an ability that spawns pick-ups. Along with this hero new weapon types were added to the game. 7. BarbarianThere's really not anything new or unique here. Recycled hero ripped directly out of DD. DPS only hero - We already have that in Gun Witch Stances - We already have that in Monk, Lavamancer, and Dryad Swappable stances on demand - We already have that in Lavamancer and Dryad Stances that alter abilities - We already have that in Dryad The downside to the barbarian's stances: they eat up *FOUR* ability slots. Monk's "stances" don't take up any ability slots. Lavamancer's "stances" only take up one ability slot. Dryad's "stances" don't take up any ability slots and alter all 3 of her abilities. Barbarian's stances consume *FOUR* ability slots and only alter 2 of his abilities. The other DPS only hero has *8* abilities, this hero really only has 4. The status effects applied all previously existed. The Barbarian brings: Zero new statusesZero new effects Zero new towersZero new gameplay mechanicsZero new abilities (his abilities are really just alterations of existing abilities with new names and icons)Zero innovation He seems rather uninspired when compared to unique and innovative heroes previously introduced to the game. 8. Man & Machine? *hopefully*If we can expect the M&M to be anything like he was first presented to us, we are in for a treat whenever he finally makes his appearance. He will bring with him not only new towers, but a new category of defenses. New ways to interact with defenses. And probably new effects applied by those defenses. It wont' be something shoved into the game just because the previous game had it.
  17. Don't you mean CDO? It has to be in alphabetical order.
  18. I already have all the shards I need. For everything, you can just do onslaught while also making progress on ascension so there's no reason to do trials.
  19. There's almost no reason to play Trials any more, and for Onslaught you obviously can't join games in progress that are above your own current floor level. There's no reason to join a lower floor unless you want to accomplish absolutely nothing but help a random out. And even if there is someone playing on your same floor you can't join them if they're already on map 2 or 3 of it. It's like Trendy is actively doing everything in their power to prevent players from browsing and joining games, short of actually removing the game browser UI. These are systemic issues that even a large surge in player base would not be able to solve.
  20. I can answer that one. It's because Trendy can't balance difficulty around gameplay so they balance difficulty around players' time constraints and odds of random disconnects.
  21. There is nothing in the game that is worth trading. Any time spent implementing trading is taking away time that could be spent making the game fun. If they had more unique items that are worth trading that would be a different story, but trading in the game as it is now would be so pointless.
  22. Don't tell other people how they are required to enjoy the game.
  23. I think "no" was the correct answer. Your either-or-question didn't make any sense. Are these stats still a thing or have they been fixed? What do you mean "still a thing"? Stats are still things. "or have they been fixed?" in what way? These stats are old. Some of them might still be accurate, but I stopped playing this game a while ago so I have not been maintaining the stats with each patch.
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