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  1. https://twitter.com/TrendyEnt/status/982349975408361472 "if you don't love me at my" "then you don't deserve me at my" Discuss.
  2. I did think of someone I missed though. Mystic's Snaking Sands are also traps.
  3. "So..."? I'm waiting. So... what? Flame Aura can also be stunned by Cyborks. So...
  4. Wrong, Dryad has traps aswell :) Wrong, those are AI Spawners. The game might use the wording "trap" in the tooltip but they are very clearly fundamentally different in their behavior from traps.
  5. Auras have 1 radius where their effect is constantly on. In an aura, an enemy inside the effect radius will receive the effect. Traps have 2 radius...es? radii? uhh this is a weird plural word... anyway... They have 1 radius for their effect (damage, knock up, status, etc), and they have a second, smaller, radius for their trigger. In a trap, an enemy inside the effect radius will be perfectly safe until something triggers the smaller trap radius. Currently there are 3 heroes that can build ttraps, Huntress (Explosive Trap, Geyser Trap & Blaze Balloon), Lavamancer (Oil Geyser), and Mysti
  6. I always believed that the Void Knight was redesigned as a boss and became the harbinger. He has a lot of the visual design elements in common with the harbinger's whole theme. The next 2 that I want are Man & Machine, and Countess, but I want Countess's Spike Blockade to be replaced by Bouncer Blockade.
  7. I still really believe that every hero should just have double jump innately.
  8. You must be new around here. Every time a hero is released it is OP at launch and it is balanced later. It's just a fact that Barbarian is currently over powered and it is inevitable that it will be balanced at some point. When Abyss Lord was added, he was the strongest hero in the game. He was eventually balanced. When Series EV 2 was added, she was the strongest hero in the game. She was eventually balanced. When Gun Witch was added, she was the strongest hero in the game. She was eventually balanced. When Lavamancer was added, he was actually pretty weak. This was the first time a hero wa
  9. Am I the only one that would like to see the ability resource pool and healing mechanics of all the heroes revisited? Some of them are already unique and I'm fine with them staying how they are. But there are some that I would like to see changed. Apprentice/AdeptHealing Ability - Currently just has the basic "Heal Self" channeling ability that is cancelled when you move or take damage. I think this could be replaced with something like Arcane Restoration - An AoE spell like Mana Bomb but without the casting time that places a health regenerating buff on any heroes in the area. The buff is d
  10. Nobody seems to care about the Barbarian being over powered.
  11. You're too concerned with trying to post "Gotcha's" that you didn't actually read what I wrote. Abyss Lord does not use blue mana, at least not the same blue mana as the Original Four. His resource bar may be blue, but he does not sweep up blue crystals from the floor. He gains his mana by using his primary attack on enemies. That's not just "flavor text" it was a brand new resource pool with a unique method of generation. I only mentioned this in the section where I was talking about his abilities. Use context clues to figure out that I'm talking about healing abilities, not towers. Before
  12. The word you're looking for is over-powered, not unique. He is not unique in many ways, he is over-powered in many ways. And I promise you he will eventually be fixed at some point.
  13. 1. Cool, he's OP, just like every new hero is when it's released. That is par for the course. That doesn't mean he's anything special, it just means they haven't got around to balancing him yet, which, of course they will. Being able to defend an entire lane for 0 DU is bad for the game in the long run. It may be fun in the short term, but there's a reason why Lavamancer's Fissue was increased from 0 DU and there's a reason why Gun Witch, another DPS only hero, can't completely solo lanes without defenses. Barbarian will for sure be fixed at some point as well. 2. I didn't mention weapon types
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