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  1. i have a couple high ^ monk weps, one with 95^ add me-theprototypev1
  2. not much anymore, the pets you get from uber monster fest get over 100 in one stat BEFORE upgraede, and can have over 100^ i wouldnt waste 6 hours of ur day to get a giraffe tbh.
  3. come join and check it out, its in ranked customs.:mage:
  4. and then i... ****ed in my pants.
  5. when i attempted this i couldnt beat it, not because of the difficuly of staying alive, but because of the rediculous time limit that is set, when your soloing there is no way u could finish on hard/insane unless u have the best gear possible, just my thoughts.
  6. have 70-90% resists on my monk with 280k dps, a 200k dps huntress and some good builders, add me-theprotypev1
  7. Nvm just found out you have to play a normal game then you get the acheivement.
  8. so i just finished all maps to round 10 on pure strategy and did not get the acheivment, any others with similar problems? any help is much appreciated.
  9. dude, ur doing survival on easy, calm down tough guy.
  10. well ****, since no one offered, ill give ya 50 mil for a spot
  11. ^ what he said, and the diminishing return kills the purpose of having alot of hero dmg.
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