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  1. While I haven't played to much of the beta these are the things I've noticed: Likes: The new item upping system with shift and Ctrl is greatRaised damaged to make all towers relevant i.e mage towersOgres spawning faster- makes KG much nicer to playDislikes:Health on proton beams is far too low- with 6.8k health I had to repair them a fair amount on aka. This is how I had the defence set out which had problems.Ofc spike traps need to be nerfedNot really an issue for the CDT but Personally I also don't like the way traps are now upgraded. I have relatively low health on my traps as compared to my auras so I would like to up them before the auras. I solved this with remapping my keys to use the scroll wheel to re-size stuff so now when you upgrade you can use the scroll wheel to select traps pretty easily.
  2. Accepting coal 1:7, cubes, diamonds 4/9/17 I will leave this up for 1 to 2 weeks depending on interest. Not currently I/Ced but I will have it done on request. The piece: C/O: MKL 12cv
  3. Sweet, I just thought there could have been more of an emphasis on building. Also a few "warm up" waves before the big ogres came in. I really liked the look of the map though.
  4. I met the minimum for the 60.8k? still 1 cube on un upped one
  5. 1 cube on un upped one And damn you have a lot of mana
  6. I have seen the glad in game so he def has it. 15cv *Assuming a double dia is 15cv*
  7. Can i have an item check please? Uncensored copies sent to Harry, Acen and Caimen. Thanks.
  8. Item Check please link: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/640993785471514651/894606AF12434880D8E470110123F5E7A0D3509B/ Thanks in advance
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