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  1. Shorter questions this time: On my lvl 50 monk I just played Throne room Endgame hard for the better loot daily. ALL the loot that drops was at least -30 iPwr and at the time I only had lvled up my amulet. I can't play NM for better gear at all because I either can't find anyone or they kick me for NOT having the right gear. Question: Will you fix the issue with trying to get gear? The only way I know how to get NM gear is to play NM and I can't do it solo with the poor quality gear I have.
  2. Fail to complete five maps by crashing to desktop. I haven't crashed play DD2 so far so Alt+F4 would have to be allowed. Also having the game randomly close while doing _________ daily would be a troll daily just to keep you on your toes.
  3. [[4370,users]] I do apologize if my previous post was too long. If needed I will Copy and Past into a new thread and just leave the link to the thread iamisomiamisom
  4. NinjaBreadMon's (many) DD2 questions!: (Possibly my first Novel short story? Have fun reading or skiming or wishing I added pictures.) ((I'm trying to stay away from in game-social questions [because devs say they're working on clans, guilds, whispering, etc. later] I also would like to apologize for any FAQ that I repeat.))(Also this was typed up with little sleep. I apologize for any confusing sentences or phrasing) (TL:DR) (A.K.A. My Main Questions) Just Questions:Is a better/faster/stronger QMatchMaking being worked on currently? No Rush. (I also understand it maybe due to the low amout of players online at one time[usually 200~400 when I would like to play]) Scavenger gave me back my pet but it doesn't want to return to my "Pet Bag". Fix for this? or fixing currently? (I apologize for bring this up if it's already on the FAQ) If The Scavenger could tell you if you made money off of common-rare equipment and other none scavenged items. Allow Pet boxes and eggs be scavenged to claim? (I won't ask about costumizing what he scavengers or not becuase you're most likely working on it or something more important and will get to it) I believe I saw a post about possibly having the ability to customization a personal tavern. Will this be simple add rooms together or somewhat like The Sims™ ? With a simple or complex costumizer/editor? (The questions below is the only Main Question I have that maybe social)Will there be color costumization for the basic skins? (at least default group of accessories) If so I'd like to suggest the colors being drops. Better looking colors have a higher ratity. (End game gear boxs maybe having a better chance to drop than from mobs.) What is the best way to spread the awareness of this game? Can we make groups to help get a community growth happening? Even Sub-groups would help I believe Extra blabar about community ideas - (Such as taking TheCastersGuild and having a sub group for each member of the guild. Have compotitions or "Really fun omens" that will send special mobs to memebers of another guild whether they're with members of the group or not. Will easier report options be avaible to report chat spam, chat abuse, or harrassement? (This maybe already in affect or not I cannot remember.) Can you catch me if you run as fast as you can? Will the grind to 50 be helped to be either easier or have better gear drop more often? (I have difficulty finding gear better than currently equipt and will either 1 round NM for gear or play the same lvl over and over for gear the wining the round way.)Would we have the oportunity to write and vote for DD2 lore?Also I do acknowledge that the game is still in Alpha and will have changes throught the live spawn of Alpha, Beta and possibly after the game's release.Thank you- NinjaBreadMon___________________________________________________________________________ Questions for the 9/11 stream-- Noticing that the stream is on 9-11: Will there be any 9/11 memorial accessories, event, or anything to remember those who servered during 9/11 or rememberance for the lost? Also I want to add they may not physically be with us but their memory will live forever with us.Just a suggestion: A possible moment of silence from 8:46 a.m. – 10:28 a.m. (EDT)? [Time of the attack](Moment of Silence as in no game chat avaible. Possibly just to make it easy for the devs and have a 9/11 memorial quick patch?) Let us remember those lost. Honor those that lived. Forget those that have failed to strike us with fear. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More in Depth Questions.With some bonus questions or less important (To me) questions. -QMM Difficulties: I'm having difficulties finding good games to star up with in quick match. Is a better Quick Match Making being worked on? Searching takes time: a good amount of time to find a game and it usually starts you by yourself. (I also understand this is partially because of the small amount of people playing at one time.)Difficult MM: It is very difficult to find a full group (3 + me) of people to play with. (prevent final round kicking possibly?) Because of some people not being polite and kicking you before the last mob is killed on the last round so you don't earn the exp reward. Luckily this has only happened to me at once.Found a lost pet: talked about before but explained a little more. The Scavenger has given me back my pet (so far I've been careful to not let this happen more than once) When attempting to return my pet, it will not stay in the dedicated "Pet bag" (Have seen other players question/complain about this bug/glitch happening to them as well) Will lvls 1-49 have help for the grind to end game?-I have heard more talk about end game than the grind to end game (not hating on end game). -Would it be helpful to have either a little higher iPwr drop or have the gear set in stone and balance the mobs instead of playing around too much with the gear balance? -Also having green dots of gear that have a thumbs up compaired to equiped gear, like DD1 will be helpful to spot the worth it gear easier -(Gear balance also effects those lower levels attempting to gear up.) -(To be fair I also haven't been listening too much) - I see gameplays of NM gear killing big mobs in a few hits (5-ish average) Yet it takes me around 10 with an alright DPS build.Below is just some jibber jabber. Hopefully it will make sense to someone to help me rewrite this to make more sense. The possibilities of implementing multiple playtypes (not hero related) - Starting with Hop-in - (Players wanting to quickly join and play a fast game or two.) - Possible inbetween modes - (Casual, having a difficultly to the normal difficulty of killing most small mobs 1-2 hits and large mobs 3-5 hits, and still loads of hits for specials.) (Advanced, being similiar to Casual only with much better loot drops, hits go from just 1 and 2 to having to hit 3-4 possibly and so on. Possible with a tower placement plan before game start.) - Dedicated - (Have better LFG system for the Dedicated players. Very difficult mobs. Limited before round info. Mobs spawns random each game played and can either be a few Ogres or Hordes of goblins. For almost addicted players, NM42 people, Nightmare more will actually be a nightmare you want to wake up from. Btw maybe to leave/exit button? hehe) If the game IS set up like this I think a different way and would like help to understand how to progress the game more easily. This is my attempt to take my thought of game differences and relate them to how the game is now currently.Hop-in modes: Daily XP boost for the first 5[?] games that helps you lvl up quickly without having to play too man games.Middle-Modes- Possibly the FreePlay for "Casual" and EndGame for "Advanced"Dedicated- Nightmare mode higher than the first NMPossible simple rephrasment: of the current map difficulties, iPwr, and what lvls are able to complete each map.Possibly a more simple definement will help (at least for player like me)I apologize if the game is already similiar to this idea possibly see the little guides on the difficulty, gear lvl drops + iPwer for the gear, and what maps for the player (Lvl + iPwr = suggested map)(Social question? more indepth) Color changing drops: IMO will be used mostly or only for the regular skins. Rare color drops to change the color of your accessory. Simple colors drop more often while more fancy colors are more rare of drops. Maybe even LEGENDARY! (sorry). DD1 have color costumization and I'd like to see it return in a more interesting wayMaybe a social question: Are their going to be crazy modes? For example:Move around your deffenses - with all deffenses so you will either sell or change your strategy. Moveing the Ranks - Upgrade ranks will move after every round of the match or a deffense could get part of the upgrades to other deffenses. Hero locked events - You can either only use 1 hero for the map or only 1 type of hero (multiple of the hero are allowed) and you have to only use their towers. Blinking mobs - Mobs that will blink from one lane to another (If they're farther up in a lane they'll move back in the other lane to the closest deff or on harder difficulties stay at the same distance % in the lane for possible blockade "dodges") + Anything that takes strategy and throws most of it out the window for more chaos, randomness, and hopefully fun and laughs. Please. [Bonus exp for more chaos?] Best Hero competitions of the week: Given some default gear "Auto-equiptted or used on the map" for a fair clean slate no matter what lvl and have a weekly challenges to see who could be the best with the same equipment. Also monthly challenges (seperate from Monthly quests)
  5. These are comical, unusual dailies that possibly could be more uncommon or rare than the normal dailies Could also have difficult increased for monthly/(weeklies if they're implemented in the future) Jump Jump Jump: keep jumping you'll get there soon. Just don't fall!Forteeehhh Twuuuu?!?!: Kill 42 mobs, Place 42 deffenses, Upgrade 42 deffenses, Lick 42 goblins (optional) [Monthly 42 games?]Oopsies: Fall [x] times.Revenge: Kill the mob that killed you. Avenger: Kill the mob that killed your allyI don't need T(owers)T(raps)A(uras): Only use Blockades to win a map.They Live: Lose a match on the second or second to last level. GingerBreadMan: run from a ranged monster(s) while under [x]% hp and heal to 100% without getting hit (I don't know hot difficult coding is but this may not be easily done [I don't mind])Mine!Mine!Mine!: Die from gathering [x] amount of greenies (Green mana [building] )Bless you: Get hit by and ogre's (snot ball?) multiple times [either in one game or throughout multiple games] Bless you 2: Kill a Ogre while snotted(?) Have a Tea Break: Don't play for 1-3 hrsExplore the Dangerous: Don't play for a whole day (24 hrs or so, better than average rewards given so you'll return to use them)Selfish or Selfless: at the end of a round only give yourself an "up arrow" and the MVP star OR Give up arrows to everyone else not yourself and a MVP star to someone else 3 times (Selfish earns quick reward but less than selfless reward)
  6. "Fixed an issue where special stats were displaying as .01 of what they should be." Question about this: Does the gear still give the % stats supposed to? Or will it be giving the .01 stats?Bugs you've probably heard 100 times already: The Scavenger only gives back Legendaries. The Scavenger gave me back my pet and I cannot return it to the "Pet Bag" I feel like the difficult has immensely increased from getting from 1-50, is this intended or still balancing Will we be able to later choose what the scavenger returns to us or auto-sells? (I'm guessing so I'd just like to know for sure) [Plus it's less of a bug than more of a question]Edited in: I'll have random fps drops for no reason. I can't tell if it's from deffenses or just my computer telling me I need a break.I believe it's Mage Firetowers have texture glitches when hitting enemies (mainly seen on The Ramparts)Will report bugs in game once I know 100% the cause for better feed-back.All of these are not complaints just questions I'm curious for answers.
  7. Would a player/mob ratio balance be possible? Or even a solo tavern (seperate from private tavern or the ability to choose the solo maps from a different "War Table") So that the maps are made just for soloing and it will only be you and no one else can join? Possible adding solo maps that you are only allowed to use 1 hero on for challenging gameplay and higher rewards. Sorry if it is difficult to understand (I've been awake too long)
  8. I would like to start out that I would love to see DD2 livestreamed more and the community grow. (From looking at the community hub for DD2 on average only 200 - 1,500 players are on at one time.) I'd like to also stream myself but my problem is having a total of 0 viewers :D which happens to make it just me talking sadly to myself a lot. I do not want to mooche and gain loads of money I'd rather find fellow DD2 players and livestream as a hobby. So I'd like to start a thread of people who would like to grow the DD2 community on their choice of livestreaming. I'll start with myself: Hi, I go by NinjaBreadMon on Steam and previously on Xbox360 when I was addicted to CoD. My twitch url is http://twitch.tv/ninjabreadmon (My selfish promotion ;) I have not been streaming much (life difficulties) but if people are interested I will be willing to work out a time schedule and stream 2-3 times a week. (or more times a week for shorter periods of time) So post your twitch (Other livestreaming services avaible) down below and we could start a community based team to get this game out to those who don't know about it! Please only leave your twitch if you plan on streaming at least some DD2 (If you also play other games. GREAT!) Also the TheCastersGuild (Excluding TrendyEnt ofc):http://www.twitch.tv/team/thecastersguild (For the whole list) Kraith88 - http://www.twitch.tv/kraith88djbouti dan - http://www.twitch.tv/djbouti_danKiraeyl - http://www.twitch.tv/kiraeylVictoryofthePeople - http://www.twitch.tv/victoryoftheppl PhoenixHydra - http://www.twitch.tv/phoenixhydra (Steam group for PhoenixHydra - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PhoenixHydra [I'm a member and it's used mainly for when he plays steam games such as Trove]) PiggyTeehee - http://www.twitch.tv/piggyteehee Elandrian - http://www.twitch.tv/elandrian Petire50 - http://www.twitch.tv/petire50 Saranekochu - http://www.twitch.tv/saranekochu Ryster66 - http://www.twitch.tv/ryster66 Syclic - http://www.twitch.tv/syclic Iamisom - http://www.twitch.tv/iamisom (TrendyEnt employee I believe [correct me if I'm wrong])Bias streamer choice: LovinDaTacos - http://www.twitch.tv/lovindatacosUnsure about this streamer's current DD2 streams. He streams different games (as of 09/07/2015 [mm/dd/yyyy] he will do a lets play of FarCry4) I believe he was apart of The Casters Guild but unsure if he will continue DD2 streams.LovinDaTacos is chat oriented around being a part of his chat and has a comical personality and I'd highly suggest checking out his stream once in a while (Lately he has been playing Minecraft tekkit on his subscriber's server. His base is destroyed by pandora boxes and lucky/unluck blocks almost 24/7) \/ Also the one that the Squidy McSquidington hat is based off of \/ 
  9. Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphies  I listened to this song last because of this imgur post http://imgur.com/gallery/0xKOa4Q ^WARNING^: not graphic but may unsettle some stomaches^ Doesn't look like I have the youtube button on chrome ): (Help from anyone would be thanked :D) Fixed it! ^ If you have AdBlocker enabled. Allow the DD domain to allow ads to have the YT button^
  10. There are a lot to read through to see if its already here but if I repeat one I agree with them :D -A PvP match that is more about chaos then competitive. Having maps with physical dangers and having to kill opponents in a certain way to gain points not just a simple kill. -A PvP match were you can choose from 3 different gear sets to start (More health, More Damage or Gear with abilities [abilities RNG when match starts]) -LOADS of minigames that give small amounts of exp
  11. For real daily: Jump [x] amount of times. 2nd suggestion: Bounce on an enemy 5 times without touching the ground. 3rd: play a full game or just one round (more rewards for game) without touching the floor [have to move and place 1 or 2 turrets] Daily if worked: Gumba stomp a goblin
  12. Daily mission: Let the timer count down without pressing "G"
  13. Banned because I got censored and I accidently added a second p (jk)
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