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  1. Or even better, 'HEY THE VW WAS NEEDED'
  2. To add to the thread in a manner suited for these forums: blah blah blah
  3. They have intentionally designed and balanced Glitterheim and Halloween in such a manner as to make them near impossible to beat solo on Insane. I would guess that the amount of people that can do this currently is under 0.1% of the game population. This is not to say it can't be done, but it will require very precise timing and strategy if you can do it so you will need to note what type of defenses to place, exactly where to place them, when to place them, and so forth. If you are looking for assistance I would suggest going to youtube.com and watching a video of how someone else did it b
  4. Jonathan he's referring to my comment about my latest setup using more traps :)
  5. I feel if you're trying to make guides for casuals it would be great to see versions that don't require all four classes (as used in your spook setup).
  6. There are plenty of other threads to whine in. How about the seemingly mammoth task of keeping on topic eh? :) ^^^^^
  7. After the discussion in IRC I still feel strongly this is an issue that needs to be addressed far more than other balance changes. Far too many friends (who are very competent gamers I should add) are unaware of this information and for no good reason either. It's one thing to work out that sweet spot of balanced stats and an entirely different matter when you have no clue what to do.
  8. There are plenty of other threads to whine in. How about the seemingly mammoth task of keeping on topic eh? :)
  9. As the title says, what's your goal in dungeon defenders? The recent topics on loot/rewards got me curious as to what people aim for. Please keep your answer to one sentence and be honest! I'll start things off with - 'Comfortable completion of the hardest difficulty setting'
  10. zephyros, latest setup includes some inferno traps too. I would think this setup could probably still manage it - dunno haven't tried. (I also have vastly improved stats since, so not really a fair test). Glad it helped trojan :)
  11. You're not really helping yourself.. perhaps try asking for advice on setups,gear etc instead of further presenting your stance as a 'fact' that needs fixing by the developers.
  12. Ezekial, the OP did not post a valid statement. He presented his opinion as fact, a fact that is not true.
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