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  1. Gotta agree, trading would completely change this game. Don't know if it's possible with the current loot system. Maybe if they made gear that had ascension level requirements.
  2. I would love some challenge daily's or weekly's. Something like "build only walls", timed missions, things like that.
  3. It's definitely the hardest difficulty in my opinion. I ended up building for it. The snake walls pick them up, the frost towers freeze them, the flame aura's and proton beams kill them, the maw walls turn them to stone, Of everything the easiest method for dealing with them is using the abyss lord and knight of the abyss. if you time it about a second after you hear the sound it stuns the assassin as soon as they show up. I found chaos 6 so much easier that I jumped up to it early. Was only able to make it to wave 3 at first but thats far enough to start getting gear.
  4. gunwitch is a roller wrecker. ice shot freezes it too.
  5. Last night I had to enjoy some starcraft 2 cause I couldn't get on the DD2 servers unfortunately. Hopefully better tonight. Too many users is a good problem for Trendy to have I guess.
  6. I agree and will wait until they do since I have a work around. Was just pointing out that it is a problem and not a myth.
  7. Just because we've learned to work around the problem doesn't mean it isn't a problem.
  8. No, you payed the same as I did which gave you bonus bags and extra in game currency. You received permanent additional content for that cost. More than if you would have just bought it outright. Same as with all of the other DLC. I've been here from the very beginning as well. You still have everything you payed for. We haven't been screwed over in the slightest. You feel slighted cause the xbox got an exclusive map that pc is going to get a few weeks?
  9. The wall bug is a myth just bad placement\lazy builds 100% agreed. How many of the hardcore players are having this kind of issue? I would say close to none. Eh, no. Not a myth. I've watched it happen lots of times. It's why I use the maw walls now. Seems to be the only wall they don't climb over. Issue Isn't really with the walls though, more with the mobs. (mainly lady orcs) Also with units getting popped up like with earth shatter and viper wall. Lady orcs appear to move forward while falling sometimes and end up on top the wall. It also happens when lots of mobs build up around the walls. Many times I would show up to see a lady orc smashing a set of spiked blockades from the back. Now I have found that it is the same lanes on particular maps that have this issue more than others. (sewers is the biggest one that comes to mind) That does lend to your argument of it being bad placement, but I would argue that the placement isn't the issue so much as a glitch with the mobs able to climb up on parts of the environment they aren't supposed to. Other problem is skeletons spawning behind the walls or in a lane next to where the unit was actually killed. While I don't care much for the tone of this thread I do have to agree with some of the points that were made. I think there needs to be more choice end game. I would love c1-c7 difficulty on the campaign without the trials mobs. Of course onslaught is coming back so this may not be an issue soon.
  10. So hundreds of people should be happy that 20 other people got a free initiate? More than 99% of people got nothing, so the fact that a tiny fraction of people got a free monk with boobs is irrelevant. They gave away 20 initiates last friday. They have given away hundreds of costumes and tower skins during alpha. The rest who didn't win in the devstream should be happy the game is progressing and is free to play. You're playing a free game and complaining you're not getting more free stuff.
  11. This patch was huge for new players which is going to be the majority of what is coming in this week. It's mediocre for you because you've been playing a while. Your stuff will come later. They mentioned Tavern Customization in the last dev stream so that is most likely in the works. The wall problems I have encountered are only with the lady orcs (snooki's) and summoned skeletons. Snooki's seem to move forward while falling which causes them to walk over walls. They don't seem to get over the Maw walls though. I've been using tower placement to cover the back of the walls just in case a skeleton gets spawned. Until they fix the issue at least.
  12. No, we got a heartfelt thankyou in the devstream where they also gave away 20 initiates. They have been giving away skins every week in the dev stream. I too have purchased nearly everything and already have all the heroes. Did win a few skins though so that was nice. What exactly is it you think we're owed? This is a free to play game. All money spent was voluntary and you received permanent addons for all of it. You had to stick through all the bugs because it was EARLY ACCESS. You knew what it was when you came in. The only promise we were ever given was the game would eventually come out of early access. It did. (which is more than I can say for most other early access games) I would be more disappointed if trendy did reply to this. The only thing we were owed is the game and it's here. Yes there are still some bugs but that is the case with every game. It's only going to improve from here.
  13. Just because you didn't find some of them difficult to deal with doesn't mean others did not. There are dozens of forum posts of people asking for help on how to get by these. Not everyone has the extra heroes also so even the hex throwers were causing problems for some. I personally found those to be the easiest to deal with because I used the EV2 quite a bit. Essentially these units are doing exactly what was intended. Forcing different towers is what this mode is all about. The part that's missing are the alternative modes besides trials.
  14. they weren't always easy. You had to figure out the maps. Also, by reading the forums and my own experiences some were down right difficult. Now if you had multiple trials per difficulty to build for and other game modes besides trials It would make more sense. It's just another game mode that will require you to build differently than you're used to. One you'll probably only do to get shards and fulfill that daily that will occasionally pop up for it. It's more of a big picture thing.
  15. I actually found geodes to be the easiest and the cyborcs to be the worst because I normally built using the EV2 proton beams. All comes down to the player's perspective based on what towers they used. I would rather they leave in the hard-counters in trials but update them so we have multiple trials in each difficulty tier for variety. Then add the other play modes so we aren't forced to deal with the hard counters all the time. Trials are supposed to be part of endgame and need to be difficult. We just need other options.
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