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  1. i am now officially a member of the necromancer club!
  2. Memories of Bullet Hell style Hero Builds...gone are the days of crazy Japanese-Style shooter game heroes that have millions of projectiles on the screen at once. Used to be so fun to watch.
  3. Aye, it has been a bit harder as of late to find groups as of late. Would add you, but did that a long time ago lol.
  4. Why is what people do when they play solo someone else's concern. People play games for different reasons. Just because you heavily enjoy the slow grind to 50 does not mean that everyone else does. Just because you like to be active and run around while you grind a map does not mean others do. Not everyone plays with a Min/Max mindset, nor do they play with a more casual one instead. Doing things like putting counters on maps or anything as such is stepping towards the Devs dictating how the players play the game. I truely do not believe that Trendy wants to dictate HOW the game is played. If it were they would not be putting in work to make different builds and approaches to the game. What is the point of playing a game if you have to play it specifically in one dimension? Thats like playing checkers on 2 squares with all black pieces. So again, why is it that what other people do in solo play bothers you?
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/id/thecatsaidno gato egg : 2 mins 25 secs creeper egg: 12 mins edit: Next is now 2 hours :( was hoping they'd turn into shards instead of smelly eggs. was kinda fun watching the timers tick down with hope and excitement.
  6. Noticed it is possible to reroll empowerment and get two of the same empowerments. However, only one of them will apply according to the stat screen and tool tip.
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