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  1. I don't know if it works with the Occulus Rift, I don't know how the Rift works, but the game does work with 3D Vision (The 3d glasses system from NVidia), and I had to assign the game to a 3D profile (My last profile used is actually DD1).
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    That would actually be nice, so far the only way would be to level up another same class character and gear him up differently, which is of course alot of work for a few benefits.
  3. I agree to this, however, this belongs to the bugs section...
  4. Oh hey, small update on 3D. I managed to try a couple game profiles on DD2, so far, even though this game is ''Not Recommended'' on Nvidia, using Mass Effect 3 3D profile seems to fix most of the problems about shadows and lights, but the game's graphics doesn't look as good as it did with the generic 3D profile. I think it could be possible to tweak it, and I will most likely try, I really prefer the 3D experience on that game rather than triple monitor XD. Anyways, if anyone else has a 3D capable system here is the name of the software that enables you to fiddle with 3D profiles from Nvidia drivers. I'm not going to cover how it works, but a simple google search will give you enough information about it. It's called Nvidia Inspector. Edit: Tried several other profiles, and found one significantly better than Mass Effect 3. Dirt Showdown's profile seems to do it. It's not perfect, but getting closer :). Also, if anyone happens to know games that was made with UE at around the same version used by DD2, I think it would help, anyways, doesn't hurt to try.
  5. I would make it pick one player randomly and give him the extra mana. After all, everything is fine as long as we have the required mana. I must admit though, this is annoying, especially for Onslaught. I think this thread should be in the bugs section.
  6. Seriously, I didn't even knew DD1 had VoIP, I played most of it on PS3. Bought it on PC on sale for fun with triple monitor, but only really played single player.
  7. Daily missions was working before last hotfix, now it has been 3 days since I got my last daily. :|
  8. Well, I assumed if a dev reads this he would understand that without the need for me to precise, but it doesn't hurt to precise I guess. XD
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested or not, but kind of too lazy to use this search system that sends me in every game's forums so sorry if there's a thread already about that. I think that VoIP should be added to the game, mostly for strategic points. While fighting and keeping eyes on a lane, you can't really let go of the game to say things that might change the outcome of the game. Using your voice is primordial for strategy games, anyways, for me.
  10. They are going to add controller support and local multiplayer. I guess they will release PS4 beta and those updates at same time. I hope they do like DD1 and enable support to play multiplayer on multiple screens (i.e. player 1 on one monitor, player 2 on second monitor.. etc)
  11. Triple screen is nice. I'm reporting back on 3D visions, trying to keep everything in the same thread. I know there's ways to assign other games profiles, I didn't know that first time I tried, I might try different profiles to see which ones are working best, but right now I'll feedback using the default profile, Played about 10-15 hours in 3D. So far, the game is mostly beautiful in 3d, most of the things looks nice, however, the HUD/UI is not in 3D, or anyways, only displays for one eye. I'm not sure if this is the reflections or light/shadow mix but some textures are loading really weird in 3D, example would be in the map before betsy, that red carpet is not redering correctly, did not find the cause yet. Another weird thing is that when you are at the point to choose the orientation of your tower, the blue thing that indicates it makes the frames DROPPING A WHOLE LOT. from 80 to 10, and thus, no matter who is doing it. This is not annoying if this is during a building phase, you can live with it, but when fighting and someone is placing towers, it can be extremely annoying, it doesn't do that in normal 2D, use shift key moderately when fighting if need be in 3D. If you're a 3d fan like me, this game is in pre-alpha and already has less trouble loading that GTA V, natively, so I would say this is not that bad. The only thing I'm wondering at that point is that I think the Unreal Engine does all this stuff automatically, not even sure Trendy could fix that, unless they create a 3D profile for Nvidia or something. Will retry with other games profiles, I've been successfull with FFXIII using this method, let's hope it's gonna fix the little annoyance in 3D DD2. Edit: I also would like to retract my comment on an older about hacthing eggs. At first view it seemed it wouldnt appear, but it looks like it still appears, just not where it's supposed to be (under the egg) but a bit higher, which is fine, really.
  12. It should make all custom resolution appear in-game IMHO. DayZ is nowhere near complete and I can select triple screen resolutions ingame without fiddling with inis.
  13. I'm not at the point to submit a ticket yet, but I've been trying to reload the game for 15 mins now... It boots, I click play, it does its thing, then at the black loading screen with that rotating thing bottom right its just stuck there, it won't load the tavern. I have to alt+tab and close the game this way because alt+f4 does not work... something that should. Anyone else getting this problem right now? Edit: Never mind, finally got in, maybe it's a server capacity problem? :|
  14. I have been able to boot the game at 5884x1080 (triple monitor) by modifying the ResString variable in ''UDKOptions.ini.local.ini'' located in Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config It will probably work for your setup as well, hope it helps.
  15. 45. Found that changing ResString variable from UDKOptions.ini.local.ini file to the reolution you want (the one with rearranged borders if applicable) works, kind of. 3D Vision works, I don't know how Occulus Rift works for games but if 3D vision works, there must be a way to get that same image to the occulus rift.
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