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  1. They first need to eliminate the boss bug, 15k quibly and stuff would just destroy it like it does on NM4 Incursion
  2. Maybe lvl further, with sublvls. the sublvls dont give any stats, but grant you bonus EXP for other character ~lvl 50-1 1% more EXP lvl 50-10 10% more EXP And so on. so you could atleast do some progress, once youve hit the maximum lvl. (im sorry for my english, i'm not native)
  3. Does anyone know how many bonus it is? like on liferoot
  4. Me and my fiance are searching for people who wanna join us. Feel free to add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/ilocke
  5. So, im not wrong with assuming the only rune that is worth the tokens ist the Monk aura?
  6. Are they worth the tokens? Cant find any ratios or DPS in general
  7. what do you mean? you can reroll stats on pets. Well, in like 70-80 rerolls I never had Towerdefense on my dragon. So you can get any stat via rerolling?
  8. How about Pets? Can you get any stat on any pet?
  9. How do you ignite enemies? tried it with the huntress fire trap, didnt work. Cant do my quest and have no clue how to solve this problem. Sorry for my english, I am not native
  10. Rerolling my dragon like crazy, never saw DefPower.
  11. Me and my fiance are searching for 2 more people who wanna join us on betsy (hard). Im fully equiped on legendarys as a squire, so we're searching for ppl who wanna have the fun with us! pls post me your steam names!! :) PS: my Steamname is Captain Morgan, with a Morgan Freeman picture, so feel free to join us!!
  12. My minimap is gone. tried restarting and looked at the interface option. Any idea how to fix that?
  13. Anyone knows? its tedious to get lvls going after you reach 30 Are there any maps that are faster then others?
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