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  1. I had a pretty good one for my level, did better damage than my flamewarder i got on normal, but as you said, they are slow so it is good against hordes due to the long range but sucks against bosses and ogres....i had trouble killing ogres will like 30k life but could wade through mobs no prob. Finally just let my towers deal more with mobs and went back to my flamewarder.
  2. sweet....i got it on my first run on easy to make sure i was not getting in over my head lol
  3. What is a good base physical damage on High Five? i found one with 120 base and 29 upgrades, is that worth upgrading?
  4. is that patch for all systems? i run the PS3 and have a 60ish app that i really dont want to be useless at 70. ninjad...
  5. im not at home right now to check out the stats, but its something like 50-100 physical and like 200 fire damage, im going more into tower spec but i do have my damage stat maxed out.
  6. I just picked up the shield from summit and im wondering if its better to upgrade the fire damage or the regular damage? From what i can tell the fire damage will scale up on the weapon better but it doesnt scale with hero stats and then you also have to worry about fire res. monsters, any ideas on what would be better?
  7. What is a good level to start doing summit on hard?
  8. Its a madcatz. I can hear people through it, just not talk. I guess I will try to re sync it.
  9. My headset wont work with my PS3, is there an option you have to turn on to talk through a mic in game? i works on every other game i have played but not DD.
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