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  1. I just put all my points in to stats like tower life or attack. The mana you gain is enough i think. I have it on my huntress and i can stand up on a ledge and shoot for about 20 sec during a wave and have full mana.
  2. I like my Qui or Qi....cant remember the spelling. You get it from insane glitter. mine came base with +4 shots but since i like melee i upgraded the melee on it and i hit for about 7k with out hero buff on and it has a decent radius.
  3. So I finally got to wave 20 on survival and got my legendary defender. Now I have more time to do other things so if anyone needs help with anything hit me up. I won't do assault though as I hate that level. Also certain challenges require you to be geared with decent items. As for any normal level I don't care how.your.gear is. my PS3 name is the same as it is on here.
  4. I don't think the PC craps out like the PS3 does...this is the last stupid trophy I need and it freezes up all the time.
  5. I'm wondering if some people that have completed wave 20 survival could post what map and setup they used since it just freezes up on me each time I play it. One other thing is I play on PS3.
  6. I'm on wave 17 right now. I'm going to try not.to move at all during the wave to see if that helps. I will let you know.in. few hours if I make it through.
  7. Ya just happened to me again also.....it is the only trophy I need for my legendary defender and this is like the 5 time also. I started last night at 10 and it froze at 9 this morning. it took so long due to me waiting for the counter after the longer waves and it still froze on 18 with about 1k to go... something needs to be done about this I don't even play online to keep it from doing this and it doesn't work.
  8. It would be easier to run insane summit or glittler and just wait till a fairy pops up in the shop. I have bought like 5 from there after runs. Kept 2 of them and sold the others.
  9. Im looking for a very good tracker for the PS3. i dont care if its upgraded as long as it has +1700 damage, 6 reload, 30+shots, and 6+sps
  10. Oh nice! I did solo most of the.missions last night just with no towers but there are a few I will still need to do that on. Thanks
  11. I'm looking to get my gunslinger trophy so I need someone to help me with building the defences. I will be on for about 3-4 more hours tonight. send my a friend request if youvwant to help out. I'm running a gear huntress and just want to do it on medium so you could get the trophy where you just use towers. PS3 name is same as this one.
  12. One more question. do I need to stay for the whole match or just let the second wave get it down and then on the next wave let them kill it to speed things up
  13. For this can I just run deeper wells 4 times or does it have to be different levels?
  14. So im trying to get all my pure strats so i can get my ledendary defender. When doing them do i just need to get to wave 10 on all levels or do i need to complete wave 10?
  15. Well to get that sword you have to jump off the edge of summit 300 times....or you could posta pic so we know what weapon it was. More than likely it was from insane summit or glitter.
  16. Im sick of farming insane summit so im going to try to buy one now, im looking for a flamewarder with 300+ fire damage and 29 upgrades, hit me up if you have one, paying well. Also looking for a Malificars that has 29 ups and at least 250 damage. I have a 26 up genie I would be willing to trade also.
  17. Has the ps3 had patches to give a high version?
  18. So i have been trying to do insane assault with both a huntress and squire and cant do it. I did watch a video though of people using the grenade launcher to do this, now i understand you cant do this anymore on the PC but i play it on the PS3 so can you still use it on that?
  19. It is a fun weapon to have though. I got a pretty good one from summit insane and upgraded it for the fun. Does like 25k dps. And as for groups i will kill them faster than my blasticus and tracker but i have to be really close so in the end it doesnt work that great. I just like to use it on some of my easier farm levels because i like the look of it.
  20. The way i solo summit insane is start out with a tower spec squire and build up my defences. Then switch to my tower monk and put up ensnare and some electric. Then switch to my DPS squire and win :)
  21. My understanding is that if doesnt go off your damage, just off of pet. At least on PS3 thats how it is. I tried it out a few times to test. and when i equiped a crap weapon i still got the same amount of mana.
  22. What is the best weapon for a hero squire? Right now I'm using a high five with fire damage and I'm hitting 110k dps with rage. but I really want a non elemental weapon. is there any out there that can compete? Also I play on the ps3.
  23. I just want to get the trophies for these and i cant quite do them... willing to pay well for anyone that can help me out here. Pm me with your price.
  24. I'm looking for a decent animus for either the huntress or squire.
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