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  1. Genies and fairies do damage on the PC version??
  2. Thanks for the quick replies guys, i think i will go for the barb. Now more questions! 1. Is the best pet for melee tank/dps still the fairy like on PS3, or is it better to just get a dps pet for the added help. 2. How do melee deal with the djinns? I tried NM on the first level thinking it would be a little tougher than insane....that was a big mistake. the Djinns just fly up high so do you need ranged DPS to take them down?
  3. I just picked up the PC version yesterday and I had a few questions as I'm over 70 now. 1. What level/difficulty is mythical gear found on? 2. What are the eggs for? 3. I have a squire for towers. what is going to be the best dps class when it comes to nightmare mode? 4. What is hardcore mode? Thanks.
  4. What the title says. its in my shop for 15 mil. Send me a message on the ps3 if you want it. only down fall is no tower attack on it.
  5. Did they update all weapons, so like warping core will give out a crystal tracker or was it just a select items they changed?
  6. So i have a 3d tv and just picked up glasses to finally watch some movies on it and then i remembered that DD says it can be played in 3d but i cant get it to work. Is this something that never got finished with the release and if so will it ever be working? When i activate the 3d mode on the game it gives me like a split screen.
  7. What people need to understand is this is not WOW....its a tiny game that cost 15 bucks. you think they will take the time to patch it? Who cares if they said they were going to. they were just wish listing like everyone else. how often do you see bigger games on the console get a huge patch like you guys want. Never.... If you don't like it the quit the game.
  8. Did he ask you for gear or anyone else?? No, he asked for help on where to farm the best gear and didnt ask for anything else, why do you even care what is GT is.
  9. My question now that we have been bent over and had a large object stuck in a hole....is are they going to cut the price of the DLC? For one map it should cost a dollar. not that it matter I will most likely be leaving this game now that my mage will always suck.
  10. So traded a guy some items and 3 hours later I get a message saying I took advantage and got a way better deal. so I would like some thoughts because if I did I will give some back. here is what changed hands. 2 giraffe, both in the mid 30s for upgrades 2 near perfect moxxies 1 Kari the brave with 34 ups for 1 near perfect fang of the queen 1 best perfect gossemer 2 low tier Goss 1 near perfect ogre party hat. I kept names out of it so it would be fair. so what group of items were better?
  11. Honestly I kinda meant to be a jerk. now I understand there are people that know how to play but this was meant for people that don't. im just tired of spending 30 mins getting to the last wave and then having an ogre break through because someone stands on the other side of the tower.
  12. Ok first off i want to know how someone gets to level 70 and has no clue how to kill an ogre the right way. So here are some steps on how to do it so when you join my game you dont fail at life.... 1. Have a toon that has at least 30k dps. if you dont have that much DPS you should not be doing Misty on insane. that is the bare min, you should really have more around 50k dps. 2. Dont attack the ogre with it facing the defenses.....i understand this is a hard thing to grasp for some people but dont do it. Let the ogre get to the defenses so they can help kill it and then turn the ogre
  13. Im looking for a 27up blasty with at least 10 on tower attack. I don't care about damage. hit m up on Ps3. same name as here
  14. In wondering how you put items in the trade window.
  15. Don't go afk at all...mine froze up and 6 times on wave 18 and 19 because I would afk. To many mobs come. use a huntress and sit in front the door that has the most mobs coming out and just kill them as soon as possible. that was the only way I got it not to freeze.
  16. So for some reason i can not farm up a good Soul Focuser....after running Labs about 20 times with 3 huntress so getting 3 per run the best i have got like 22 upgrades....so im looking for a close to perfect one. Name your price, i have mana or items worth mana.
  17. darn....that would be a nice upgrade from my QI for my monk....ah well i guess i will try to get into the next one.
  18. Im just wondering what the hunteress weapon was and if it is any good? I got on after it was over and really wanted to do it and even did a practice solo run the night before to make sure i could do it.
  19. Well I have a pet with 39 ups and +13 to tower attack. logged on last night to send you a message and saw you already had a game going so figured I would.just join that to save time. Then you just kicked me.....funny thing is you have even sent me a PM on here so I figured there was enough brain power to connect that I was joining to sell you it. Oh well I will just keep it instead. Oh is there is also this thing called a private game if you don't want people to join your game....
  20. I agree with faded_tear84. I bought rage for the PS3 and beat it in about 4 hours....and didnt go and cry to the company about it being short. Quit crying and if you have beat the game and come back when we get some DLC.
  21. animus go up to 33, gaurdians do go up to 39 though on the PSN
  22. Are you looking for a weapon that is already upgraded or one that you can upgrade. I have some high fives that could hit at least 80k dps. I'm on the PS3.
  23. I have. few pets I'm looking to sell. hit me up with a friend invite and when I'm on I will invite you. I have 2 26up genie 5 or 6 33up squire animus I'm looking for mana in items or a near perfect malifcars rapier. PSN name is same as name on here.
  24. I finally beat wave 20 with out freezing up, did it on magus quarters. i taped my R2 button with a huntress and would just sit in front of the most busy door and waste them as they came out. I think it helped alot of the lag for keeping the mobs down.
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