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  1. So im trying to find a build for NM misty using a squire/trapper/auras and none of the builds show up on the planner everyone links. I have signed in by steam and just made a little account on it and still nothing. Anyone know whats wrong or by chance do a game with me and show me a setup that works with those 3 heroes?
  2. Ok, thanks for the info, i will take a look at them and try to trade them out or level a EV and farm some gear i suppose.
  3. Ok, i will take a look at what my block is. Right now i just have a weapon with upgrades into tower stats and not any damage, it still has a few upgrades left though so i should be able to get the block up.
  4. So i am pretty new to the PC version of DD. I came from playing it on the PS3 and due to gear not being new as high all my builder weapons had no damage on them and all upgrades went into tower stats. My questions is for higher levels on NM is it better to have a builder with a dps weapon to help out a little or just have a good DPS pet or both?
  5. I have been searching the forums for builds on these as i now have a squire with good stats and a trapper will good stats and a monk with alright stats. Every build i find though has a EV also. I really dont feel like leveling on right now and wanted to know if anyone has a build with just those 3 and not using EV beams. Also i have a barb that does about 1.3 mil dps, would that be enough to solo the queen or am i going to fail due to taking to much time on her?
  6. everytime i try to search for something it just pulls up random crap. Maybe i need to use it a bit more. As to your info zingfharn, im getting close to start MMNM, i have MN glitter on farm with just a squire but have been working on a trapper and aura monk to help out. Will give it a shot tonight to see what rewards i reap. Thanks for the info.
  7. I just got my trap huntress to 74 and im going to move over some gear from my tower monk to give her some good stats. but i have yet to pick up a weapon. Is there any weapon out there that is better than others for traps? I tried wiki but that site is terrible and outdated.
  8. What are the best toons to build on it then. My squire is in pretty good myth gear, over 2500 on tower att and over 1k in tower health. My monk is just over 500 on both life and att. Should i level up a huntress for the traps then? or would an EV be better.
  9. I am looking for a good setup on NM misty, i have checked the web for a squire only but cant find one, i can solo NM glittler with 4 people doing nothing but upgrading and repairing but tried misty and my setup just blows. Anyone on tonight that could start a game and show me a setup with squire only, or maybe squire/monk?
  10. So i have a pretty good geared squire for towers now and im bringing up a monk alt to help out with some auras. To do nightmare will i need him in higher level gear or will 500ish stats work with a pretty good geared squire towers?
  11. Im looking for a good huntress guardian and i know you have to beat summit to have them show up in the shop but is that the only place to get a high level one? since insane gives the animus on summit. Or is there now another level that drops them to get the higher upgradable ones. Thanks.
  12. Pet sucks, i have been looking for a genie or huntress gaurd to help out but no luck yet. so should i do NM surv. on the lower levels or just do insane on them?
  13. Im using a squire with 500 tower health and close to 700 attack. Does survival give alot of mana? I came from the PS3 so it was pretty much pointless to do it over there.
  14. So i have been trying to do some of the end levels to start getting some better gear, im currently in mythic and most of it has around 50-100 on the stats. I want to start working on getting the higher level stuff but cant even come close to beating glitter on NM and even if i could that just drops the same level stuff i have, i have watch videos and different setups but my gear is just not good enough and to level it up now is costing like 10 mil per point. Am i doing something wrong or is this how all people do it that have the high end gear, just blow like 100 billion in to lower gear so
  15. ok, thanks for the info guys
  16. I tried a seach but didnt find anything, i heard there is a billion cap, but when i sell items i hit a 400 mill cap, how do i get around that?
  17. Ya my fastest run on glitter insane was 8 min 30 sec. add in the first 1 min 30 seconds of setup time before the first wave and it took 10 mins. after that i setup during the waves so no extra time.....so 10 mins to run it, its not that hard.
  18. i joined a game the other day and the guy was on wave 19, after the round there was tons of them on the ground. all low level like 50-80 ups
  19. So i picked up the PC version the other day and can now run glitter on insane pretty easy, so i wanted to start running it on surv. to get some lower level myth gear and level up a bit more, around what stats for a tower squire are needed to get to wave 20 on this? I have no other tower toon so just pure squire towers.
  20. I have played it since day 1...on the PS3, after the patch i decided to come over to the PC and know how it works so just want to level up as quick as possible to start getting better gear and play new content. But i guess i will keep on running glitter till i can do NM
  21. Getting to 70 was easy once i could do glitter, i would get a level per wave, now it takes like 2 runs of glitter to get 1 level, is there any better way to level after 70?
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