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  1. So i have finally beat aqua surv on NM and from what i can tell have got about the best gear it gives out or im just unlucky with drops. Most items i get have around 150-200 upgrades and around 200ish on stats. So is mix mode next now? I see people with gear that has over capped stats and would like to try to get some of these instead of buying them from people. So my question is.....Is there where these drop and can i use my regular setup for NM surv or do they need to be changed? I looked around on the forms a little and not alot of people have mix mode builds to try out.
  2. Well got to wave 27 before an ogre glitched behind my defences and aoed my poor crystal. all in all it was a good run, i could afk up to wave 25 with no problems. brought a buddy in at 25, 26, and 27 and we just helped kill they ogres and everything else was cake.
  3. well im just messing around with a build now that im home on NM aqua surv. I dropped 3 poons and a few reflect walls. that way i could had 4 buff beams in and then just put like 5 archers, 2 mages and 2 spiders at each defence....im dropping ogres on wave 20 in about 10 seconds with no dps out. So far im liking the build, i will try to post it if i have time and if i get to wave 30 with it.
  4. They said it was going to be the monk animus but i had one and could not equip it :(
  5. Thats what they are is support. I placed an ogre in front of my walls inside my traps to attack anything that got through on aqua NM surv. i would have to repair him once every 3ish waves. my stats are 1k hp. i put all my archers and mages back by my harps and never had to do anything with them they just shoot away and heal any damage ogres cause by the green ball of pain. I think alot of people are mad that they can solo with him....there is no class you can solo with anymore and some you never could even before sharken.
  6. So i have yet to test it out due to getting to 74 last night and changing over my gear to the summoner, but with how many summons you can do on the later maps and how much damage i was wondering what you guys thought about changing 1 harpoon on aqua for like 3 archers and 2 mages with a buff beam. the down fall is they do not pierce but on the upside the main thing we have harps for is to deal with orgres. The upside is the dps of 3 archers and 2 mages will be about 7 times higher than a single harp. My main concern from tinkering around last night is the range on them though. It does not
  7. I know it is coming out on wed. but anyone know what time? I was planning on staying up so at midnight i could get it and play around a little but if it is not coming out till later in the day i will just hit the sac. Anyone have any info on this?
  8. So my question is on the middle crytal, you have 3 auras to the north of it does your range on your monk let you hit the guys below? or is that more more damage up top?
  9. Is there a way not to use a credit card or debit card to buy the DLC, i would much rather use my paypal account but my debit card is already linked to to my steam account so it automatically uses that.
  10. I would also like to know this for just the monk. I just switched all my dps gear to my monk from my barb and have yet to get a great weapon.
  11. What they need to do is have a toggle for it. I would not want them to totally remove that or if a mob is bugged somewhere you might never find it. When the map is up you should be able to hit a button to turn the mobs off and on.
  12. Ya, sorry Chrissj4, i misunderstood your OP then re-read it
  13. Thank you so much. it was driving me crazy
  14. So my kid pounded on my keyboard and made dungeon defenders into a window and not full screen, anyone know what key puts it back?
  15. Builder is fine, squire with 90k health and almost maxxed out res. in NM, maybe i will level up a second monk for dps and aura buffs. Thanks for the imput guys.
  16. only thing giving me trouble in later waves are sharks.....they will finally get past my gas/darkness traps and move a beam
  17. So i have been doing some NM surv and for the most part i keep out my main builder with a djinn for quick mana to upgrade and to help out a choke point if need be with a little dps, what im wondering is would it be better to just bring a pure dps class to help out, i usually open up my game so i have 4 people playing so each crystal will be protected. What do you guys think, keep the builder out on later waves or bring in some dps to help drop ogres faster?
  18. Thanks Loperz for the advise. I met up with Mako also and he had the same suggestions to make my auras and traps bigger. currently working to get some better gear for my EV.
  19. So i am stuck....pre patch i could get to misty wave 25 and now since the sharks have come i have trouble beating wave 15. I have tried some of the setups on the forums but they are not working im not sure if im just not putting things in the exact right place but sharks keep on plowing through my beams and then 2 shot my crystal. My stats are are good, EV beams are at 2k tower HP, traps are high also along with harps. Can anyone please join a game with me and show me a build so i can see first hand how you are building it. As before, i have a squire, trapper, EV, and monk all with pretty
  20. So im currently working on a tower boosting ranged dps monk and the weapons damage change alot, what is a good base damage on myth level weapons to start with. I dont want to start upgrading one and have it suck in the end. Any help would be nice. 1 more questions also. Right now i have a very poorly geared tower monk just to throw up some ensnare and str drain auras and they seem to do fine on NM HC MF. If i were to just change out all his gear for DPS gear so only have about 500ish to tower health do you thing they would last through the waves on NM?
  21. Run NM levels, they drop myth level weapons and sell for more.
  22. Ya I agree. I have been kicked from your games also. not that I care but if you act like a douche bag then expect it back.
  23. So end game what is the best gaurdian, the App or Hunt one? Right now i use the hunt guard and the speed boost is really nice but im wondering if i should pick up an App one for the damage buff if in the end the DPS would be better. Anyone have any insight on this?
  24. So i have looked around on the forums and due to DDplanner not working for me i cant see any builds. I can get to wave 20 on misty surv NMHC but after than my defenses just crumble. im thinking i dont have the best build since i just made one up due to not be able to see any on the forums. Anyone out there care to join a game with me that has beat wave 30 and take a look at my build and give me any pointers on what i can do different.
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