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  1. So, coming back after about a year break and all the people i use to play with are no longer playing. I am looking for people to play with becuase i can not figure out the controller emulator and farming maps by myself sucks for loot and with random people sucks since they just run around and grab gear and dont upgrade or anything. So what im looking for is someone that knows how to play that has decent dps, i have a builder of all classes so you dont need builders. I play most mornings around 5:30 eastern. Steam ID is in sig. Add me if you want to runs some higher level maps.
  2. Not sure where else to find the info, i searched the steam site and forums but cant find it anywhere. When i log into steam it just says no connection and DD was going through an update so now i cant even play it. Any one else having this problem?
  3. Alright, thanks for the info guys, will start running KG
  4. So right now i am farming aquaNMHCMM and the drops just are not that great, by wave 22 i bring out my summoner and from then til wave 30 i get maybe 3 trans, no sups, no ults...I dont know if i have terrible luck or should i be farming a different map. I tried KG once and with a random build i just through together i got to wave 22ish...Is KG better than aqua or possible TD for sups and ult gear. 1 other question. Does having multiply people in a game up the loot quality? Thanks guys
  5. Hey Bearbear, could you post a screen shot of what the UDKinput file should look like, it says to insert the contents of hte emulatorinputconfig.txt and im not sure if i should do it on the same line before "[Engine.DebugCameraInput]". or on the line above it. Thanks
  6. As the title says i dont have a controller to use. I have looked around on the forums for something that does not need controllers and the 2 things i have found neither work or i am doing it wrong. Anyone know how to set this up without controllers? If not i do have PS3 controllers but not sure if those would work. Any info would be great as i am sick of just farming 1 pet per run :(
  7. I have an item i need checked, thanks in advance
  8. So i have come back after a long break and after looking at guides walls are made from archers and mages now, which after trying myself works great. So my question now with them being walls and dps should i put my best gear on the summoner? Currently my 2 best sets are on my aura monk and squire builder.
  9. Cool, thanks for the info. My main builder stats are in the lower 3k, the rest of my builders are mid to high 2k. I will try out kings and skycity. Is tavern defence good for gear or just exp?
  10. I have just come back to DD after about a year break. Last time i played Aqua was the newest level out and i could get to wave 25ish on NMHC. I have been running it a little again and can get to wave 27 NMHCMM before gold fish kill me. I am getting a little bored with the level though and want to try something else. Any ideas on a good level to farm up some Sups and Ults? I need to buy the level so thats why im asking, i dont want to waste money on a level that wont provide possible better gear. Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks for the insight guys. Maybe i will change my gear over and try out the app. I can get to wave 25ish on NMHCAqua currently. Maybe the App will push me to wave 30.
  12. So i am coming back from a long break and after looking at some setups people have posted it seems that all of them are using App towers over squire towers. So i am wondering should i change all my builder gear from my squire to my app or is the squire still the best builder for for damage?
  13. As the title says, I have just started playing again after a year break, when i lasted played the 3rd shards level was out. What i am wondering is some basic info to save me the time of reading 10 pages of patch notes. 1. What big changes to the heroes if any? 2. What level should i run to start getting some better gear. When last i played i was running surv. Aqua 3. What are MK2?? 4. Anything else you might think is helpful. Any Info would be helpful. Thanks again.
  14. I dont have a prob getting to the farther waves. I was just hoping for something a little quicker and i know on PS3 it was easier.
  15. Ok good to know, i use to do pure strat on the ps3 and it was much easier but on the PC it is a littler harder...i guess i will stick with surv then. Thanks again.
  16. I would also pick up city in the cliffs for leveling if you dont already have some 74+ toons. I started an insane surv the other day and when i hit wave 25 i went from level 0 to 75 on a toon. Just had some random dude come into the game and repair and G while i was afk working on the yard.
  17. So im getting a little burnt out on some of the surv pet farming and figured i might change it up a little and do some pure strat, but i have not done it yet on the PC and wanted to know if the pets can be just as good as the NM pets from surv. anyone know?
  18. What one has better loot? I have DLed Talay but have not really messed around in it and figured i would give it a shot tonight, but is it worth it, i have NM aqua surv on farm and if the loot is not better I will just keep on doing that. I know the pet rocks are nice but besides that is it worth it?
  19. I never upgrade the damage on my builder weapons...if your doing NM then the cut you take to hero damage on a builder makes you hit like you are attacking with a feather. For the first wave just equip a djinn since pets get a buff to damage in NM and that will clear anything out faster than you would be able to. After that change to your regular tower pet. If your not doing NM yet i would still use this tatic to get you ready for NM.
  20. I got a trans seahorse about 2 weeks ago. vender price to sell.was 53 mana. it had 7 neg stats and 1/1 ups.
  21. One thing i noticed on this though is i was running some surv with my monk and then changed to the summoner to just get armor and it cut the drops by about 50% there was like 20-30 items on the ground with the summoner and with the monk there were....i dont know but alot more.
  22. My question is can they equip an animus and if so what class does it need to be?
  23. Same Fang. I ran NM aqua surv last night and on wave 26 a sharken made it through and pushed my beam, 2 ogres spawned right after another and were beating on my archers and mages that were on a buff beam and my guys kill both before they killed any. I think they are fine the way they are, give good dps but dont make it 100% easy mode.
  24. ok cool, i will start low and give it a try, thanks for the info Sneezes
  25. i just run to tower pets for and stay in phase shift due to ninjas 1 shotting my in later waves even with 85% res.
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