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  1. Item check on this genie please, thank you again. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/578993095140451914/167F60BBD80815FE681E9516FFD5B85D8C892B09/
  2. So I have not had a ton of time to play in the last few weeks and with the new maps I was wondering what type of pets you get from surv and and on what waves you get them? Thanks
  3. Item check please, just farmed it, but im sure people will ask for it.
  4. Need an item check on this fine Ult please. As always thanks in advance.
  5. I picked all the towers I used on the ps3 version back before any shards content came out. My favorite tower to use was the slice and dice and cannon ball turret. On the pc version both of those just did not hold up. Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Need a check on this since i do not know much about e cannons. The mana value looks really low to me.
  7. So after farming alot of horses i finally found an upgrade to my 19k horse with 250ish to both hero health and hero attack. The one i found was a 21k horse with 450 hero attack and 400 hero health. After some testing on the open server i found that with the extra 200 hero attack and 2k horse damage it only added about 25k damage with my monk using hero boost. I was very suprised at this since my 19k horse hits 1,124,000 damage, and the 21k only hits 1,150,000. I figured the damage would would add at least 100k since the sell value on the forums of my older one is maybe 1 coal and the newer
  8. So I have been told that for an upgrader weapon a lupine bow is really good becuase of the pierce ability. I am wondering if a sicarius would also pierces, i have been trying to test it out but sometimes it looks like it does and sometimes it looks like it does not, anyone have any info on them?
  9. Ah. Ok thanks. I thought you had to sign up first. Thanks again. Sent from my VS910 4G using Tapatalk 2
  10. So I have been trying to register for a Playverse account but everytime I put my email address in, it just comes back to the forum site and nothing happens, am I doing something wrong? Any info on this would be helpful, thanks.
  11. Could i please get an item check on this please, thanks.
  12. I have two questions about the game i cant really find an answer to. 1. What is a good damage rate on a genie for max mana? I just picked up an ult one that seems to be just as good as the trans one i had for mana return. 2. What does mix mode do? I thought it upped the loot quality but reading on some post here it does not seem to. Is there any benefit to using mix mode on a level or is it just for the if you want to make the level harder? Thanks guys
  13. epic, thanks walsh...was about to blow lots of cubes.
  14. Can i get an item check on this item please.
  15. So been running WW finally for some coal and its been going good, using a build i found here and have ran it about 7ish times. Now all of the sudden today i cant beat it, ogres are going for the bottom crystal when they never use to before...was there some sort of update or am i just unlucky they are going there?
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