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  1. Quick explanation on how to get better gear: You would need to have equipped the previous Chaos Tier Gear or better in order to progress. Longer explanation: Don't worry about not understanding; I played for three weeks thinking I was going to get better gear with my NM4 items. To get better gear, you would need to have all characters in your deck wearing the previous chaos tiers items, preferably Mythical and Legendaries. So to get Chaos 3 gear, you would need to have your characters wearing C2 gear and above for them to drop on Chaos 3 maps. I know it's basically gimping yourself, but it was Trendy's way of preventing people from joining high leveled games without trying the lower difficulties. What a lot of people have done was only equip 1 DPS character in their deck with Chaos gear in order to progress through higher difficulties and make sure no other characters are present as to not skew the drop rate against them. My two cents: I don't like it, since it hinders the process of starting at a higher difficulty right away because you have to basically gimp yourself first to get better gear which comes very rarely in my opinion.
  2. Sogron is definitely right on this one, already ascension 75 and gave up on Range shards to farm gear on C3 after redesigning defenses. The game is fun for the most part, play from campaign to C1 and make that your end goal. This game is definitely more enjoyable over a long period of time whenever you have a chance to play a few waves or two.
  3. Since I've been doing a lot of C3 as of lately, both the CT and Ballistas seem underpowered compared to their alternatives (i.e. Flame Tower, LSA (been able to use these more often as of late), and Ramsters) Although on C2 I can utilize Ballistas for anti-air/lane use, CT is still a tower I cannot justify its use without some form of upgrades that have been far and few between. The suggestion to reduce DU cost is quite solid and I definitely would prefer that as a balance if they're not planning on drastically changing how mobs or these defenses work in the near or even far future.
  4. Well then, at least you know why they don't run over traps and auras anymore...
  5. I love the research you've done on this. For the most part, Chaos 1 shard packs seem to be overburdened with a lot of shards that should not have been grouped together. Rather it feel like they should have relegated shards to how they did item drops which would have helped facilitate them better. (i.e. Chaos 1 Liferoot Forest will give you these 7 shards, while Chaos 1 Throne Room will give you these 7 other shards.) Although it will mean some maps get played more than others, doing Trials has been a repetitive instance of the same 5 maps over and over. (Let's be honest Demon's Lair 7 times in a row was not an accident last Wednesday for me.) Also I believe this has been said a lot, but definitely adding the possibility of receiving shards from lower level tiers adds more to frustration to players as opposed to helpfulness. Given that they moved so many passives over to the shard system with a very rare chance of two dropping from a single chest, it looked like from the beginning that RNG was going to be difficult to balance and will be a chore for a lot of players. Well either way, let's hope that Trendy addresses these soon; they're pretty good at being responsive. Currently on a sabbatical from DD2 for now; too much frustration at the moment in trying to get that range.
  6. I definitely agree with you on all your points, Riyshn. One of the players I play with consistently mentioned how much fun DD1 was from a Tower Defense standpoint and creating builds to farm casually was enjoyable for us especially with the whole Spider and special spawns thrown into the mix. Going back to DD1, it was fun because of how immensely crazy it got with the large amount of mobs that were countered by the large amount of defenses we could place. Also I never wanted to play a game where I had to actively run around during a wave (unless it's a boss wave like Cthulu in DD2, that's hella fun), that's what kept me playing DD1 and DDE. DD2 's most recent update has been enjoyable so far in my opinion, mainly for the challenge. But my biggest gripe is the RNG for shards, almost 200 C1 games and have yet to receive a Range shard which is saddening since it's really the only thing holding me back from moving onto C3 without an issue. (Just need it for AAs) And although the old system of gathering near-perfect legendaries for specific heroes on NM4 was a pain to be honest, it was always an excitement to see a possible upgrade and kept me saying, "One more. Just one more." But this regression backwards in trials where I am farming C1 searching for just a range shard is tedious and quite boring. No point in going up to C2 and adding a bunch more shards to roll with and forget C3, flyers are too tedious. As well as none of the gear really being useful upgrades for me until C3/C4. On a second note, what also annoys me, which they're fixing, is the current set up of trials monsters that come out. In DD1 with the introduction of all the new enemies, they didn't negate towers, but rather changed how you placed or utilized them. The current set up regresses you to Ramsters/Flamethrowers/Walls/AAs (RIP Nimbus Cloud) which makes sure you utilize something outside of PDTs, but it's basically the new PDTs. I would rather they rethink how they're mobs work like: - Shields block/reduce damage from physical towers, but not ethereal/elemental ones. (Although I like someone's suggestion on another thread where the shields have a life bar and can be broken.) - Geodes block elemental/ethereal towers, but not physical ones. - EMPs... well *** them to be honest, but one EMP would have to physically stand or channel on an aura or trap instead of AOE negation. This way you could still use your favorite towers, but in conjunction with others as to diversify your builds. I will always support DD2 and Trendy (I mean, at 303 hours right now... so I must like it somewhat) but definitely going to have to take a break from it since the RNG has discouraged me from playing it at the moment.
  7. I know I'm commenting on an old thread, but so happy that this happened. #HopeForTheDummy
  8. What I like in Liferoot Forest when we do it on Nightmare Incursion, and before Wipe. You were able to see the bosses in the background and they walked off as soon as the wave ended. It was pretty cool.
  9. Long Question: When farming for gear, we get loot from all classes dropped. In the future, with the release of new characters and more passives, will we be able to farm for class-specific gear without having to sort through large amount of unneeded loot? And further, much further, into the future how would you alleviate having to farm a large amount of passives in order to get the gear a player wants for a specific set (assuming there are 4 or more class specific sets)? Lightning! (o^~^o)-_zZ ~chu Will you be releasing the next set of character-specific passives after Alpha release?Will we be seeing the new social tavern soon? (By soon, I mean within the next month or two)(Unrelated to DD2) If you are playing Diablo 3: Season 4 Hardcore, what classes will you be playing as?
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