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  1. As ignore list , you are talking about a Black List ? That would be nice too , to not let played you have blocked to join your game again , would love that ^_^
  2. I really liked all the ideias that Trendy implemented for the pets , but there's some minor problems that a real problem ^^ I could say that theres not enought "Food" for the pets , but that would be a half-lie , the problem is that the Experience the food is giving is really low , considering the fact that the chance of getting the Meat Food is really Rare. Also , im having problems of getting my bags full of Pet Reroll Stats ( Both of the Powerement and Pet Stats ) because the package limite is 9x. Would love if you guys could increase that limite so im not forced to sell most of them ^_^
  3. Sadly that fix you said didnt work for me =/ Im still stuck at the Black Screen Of Death Hope im able to join soon ( My pet is waiting for me <3 )
  4. Ouch.... Hope you get a refund or a compensation for that =/
  5. Thats the famous : Black Screen Of Death Guess its a problem with the server , maybe a restart would fix it ? ^^ Having the same problem , usually i try to close the game and keep repeating it until i get in , today tried 17x times and nothing still =/
  6. I dont know if this can be considered as a Song it self , but since its 1 hour of musics i like combined ( And good for combats :D ) , im gonna put it here ^^ Edit : Thank You Akasame for helping me out to put the video ^_^
  7. If i were you , would way for a confirmation ^_^ Also considering what people say of Bety Egg , do you think its really worth it ? Think the Topic got a little out of the track :D Hope we can get a Official Reply here =)
  8. Can sound a little bit stupid.... but i would love to see in the future some customized skill colors ^_^ Like a Black or Blue Phoenix ( Maybe according to the Character Skin ? ) Just my opnion ^_^ Cant wait for the Huntress updates also ( Hope they fix the Poison Dart ) :D
  9. Black Screen Of Death ^_^ All we can do is wait for them to restart the server or fix the problem =)
  10. I agree with a mute system , im also having problems with players of that kind.... The worst is that sometimes we are able to kick them , but they just get back into the game again over and over..... and we cant kick for 5 mins because of the Kick Timer. I think the kick system should be improved a bit where AFK players vote are not counted and Kicked players are not allowed to get into the game for X minutes. That's My Opnion
  11. Serenity Aura Changed % Based Healing to Flat Healing Flat Heal is now (Defense Power * 0.3) R.I.P my Old Friend
  12. Black Screen Of Death Trying to copy windows now ? >.< At least we have that Spinning Wheel to watch for eternity..... *Servers seems to be down*
  13. I really liked the post , great job on that ^^ Something i would like to see is the critical are those AoE at the ground For example : Earthshatter Tower - On Critical the tower will curse the land for 3 seconds ( Same curse that Betsy does ) Baloon Trap - The Critical Baloon explode leaving a oil mark on the ground for 3 seconds , making the enemies that pass on it covered with it ( Making them burn if they get hit by fire ) Poison Dart Tower - When performing a Critical the poison dart will release a Poison Fog in the area for 3 seconds , dealing X% Damage per second at the enemies that
  14. [[5772,hashtags]] [[5773,hashtags]]
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