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  1. nothing grand or very advanced here. just some basic information for the laymen when it comes to choosing gear and how I've been allocating my points.
  2. most the time i don't use an ensnare aura with my electric aura. it's not really needed because anything that walks out the other side is already the equivalent of the same mob on easy or medium. don't worry about killing them just make it so they are pretty much 1shots by any turret. and yea electric aura's are crazy OP
  3. i solo everything cause doing it with a team is a waste of time. waves take way to long so meh.
  4. would love to see this chart placed next to an attack rate. also could you add a total % gain column?
  5. the rate at which tower attack speed falls is off extremely fast on tower squire which is were i took this set from. While no exact #'s are known till they release the modding tools, i'm fairly certain this holds for most of the classes.
  6. nope on the grounds that the set is useful for any class
  7. Now you're gonna get the monk nerfed too... trendy will ruin this game completely Well i doubt squire got nerfed just because of my glitterhelm tutorial... I hope. Hopefully they don't touch pure strategy because it's pretty fun the way it is, and still takes a very long time to do 6 waves. My monk stats make it look easier then it is too.
  8. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14229-what-the-crap-pure-strategy-mode i already made a thread reporting it... kind of :monk:
  9. yea usually if i lose it's because some freak amount of wyverns come out of nowhere in one of the waves.
  10. i have 271 tower attack, and the sword is the ogre's childhood toy. Fully upgraded my electric aura's do 1098 per tic, which is about 2500 dps if i remember my aura attack rate.
  11. I've only done it with capped characters so i'm not sure how efficient it is for xp.
  12. so with the recent buffs to monk and apprentice i decided to give some pure strategy a try, and found it to be amazingly easy now. it's still about 1hr to 1hr and 45min to farm the pet you want, but there are worse grinds in this game lol. Anyway here's a quick rundown of what you're trying to do to make it simple. not in depth guide just me rambling for a bit. most of the useful info is in the first 2-3min. [video=youtube_share;YvpQagPAGdo]http://youtu.be/YvpQagPAGdo[/video]
  13. nah lots more to do then just farm hard glitterhelm. for starters find out what weapon you're going for first off for your primary class and start working on that challenge. you can farm the bosses as well since they're more entertaining then glitterhelm. you get a piece of gear as reward along with a weapon as well.
  14. it'll probably be a week before i update those videos. to many patches to often makes it so i don't know if the next day it'll be obsolete again. i'll make some notes on the original post and in the description of the video though about a revised way to do it.
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