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  1. Anyone know? Don't see the point playing until its done. Thanks
  2. Can confirm it too, don't log out if in game. Finished 5 nm4 runs and wanted to sort out inv on laptop instead of pc and now i cant log on, gg upgrades.
  3. Whats the golden box reward for pet things like grow 10 pet power lvls?
  4. The cosmetic pets are like normal ones just cosmetically different so you could have just rolled green/blue kakkarot. Imphernal seems to me to have the highest base DMG at 450 Max lvl1 but his speed is 2.5s max Just base values havnt used in combat yet but out of all the rerolls that was the highest DMG I came across
  5. I had it as a random drop I don't know which wave as I did 17 but 2 ppl got on 15 and the other on 16, I only realised it was in my bag when I quit and logged on later that day.
  6. It would still be really great to know what you are getting for your quest, and also for when you get your quest re-roll opportunity. Above poster said they got 3 from 300,000 hero damage, whilst i only got 1 from 500,000 tower damage, to me they are both simple however one seems to reward 3x. Tower is afk whereas hero requires some activeness
  7. That's... kinda gross. They'd be cannibalising their own kind physically, emotionally and spiritually! +1 for cannibalism +2 for same species cannibalism Because let's face it when u get the mythics/leg pets you don't need the others
  8. The Legend - Legendary piece in all slots (since it isn't in yet) Mana Hungry - either only using 1st chest for mana or only from mobs Messiah - Join a losing game (main core taking damage) only to turn it around and win Indecisiveness - Use a different hero/pet each round of the map# The Troll - light X kobolds which deal the finishing blow on a hero
  9. All green here logged in and they were in a nice little stack for me, gj guys! Now to decide who to level hmm
  10. No more betsy yay! Awesome hotfix guys!
  11. wow that's pretty lame since ap huntress's need it too...
  12. Not a complete work around as you'll still have items and quests but you could create a new hero, delete all others plus and re-install the game. Reinstalling makes all cut scenes reappear I.e new mobs. or if this helps with being stuck: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/541906989413605443/
  13. Is the 5 mana/s sphere bugged? I purchased it and when trying to equip it doesn't show up but shows as maxxed out in the shop. It requires lvl 25 accoridng to the tooltip and I'm 35.
  14. Omg it works! - get a daily mission refresh.
  15. Since shellium shards seem low on the priority list at least hotfix the rotted eggs to stack please, I'm sure many would be happy with that for the time being.
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