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  1. CLICK--DD2 --> 30min CLICK--DD1 -->7 days
  2. GLIM888

    Item Check Thread

    HI pls check my bought bloodshot. I only did upg the last Level off this weap. (76-->80 Charge time) For me the poison dmg seems ok, because 144 * 412 = 59328; 59328 + the start poison dmg of this oculus = the end poison dmg (62630).
  3. GLIM888

    Item Check Thread

    Hi! It is possilbe, that some guys swap the weapon Skin from a random myst weapon into a Event item Skin???? I often see Defender with 100h ingame and a RM etc.. And ontop of that they dont know the easiest things about DD, but have a event item. Gruß GLIM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PS: vote for the Server browser Suggestion from Gutu at DD2- in the Suggestion part of the DD2 forum!!
  4. __________________________ | POST FOR DD1 | |Dont Forget MoonBase | __________________________
  5. y sounds good. --Pls make a Server browser.--
  6. -Turned off Item Power downleveling --> nice -Free Play Experience Change: Increased experience earned on all maps in Free Play --> nice² -patch sounds atm awesome TY!!
  7. y, we Need a Server list / browser!! like this Suggestion from Gutu https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/115466/server-list
  8. -a server list like in DD1 -Events like in DD1
  9. DungeonDefenders1Master --< if u are a Ult Defender in DD1
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