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  1. tyvm, couldn't tell if I was missing a drop I should have. I'm Missing Apprentice Pet.
  2. I redeemed the Codes in-game. Where do I see the rewards?
  3. Try going to your key bindings and pressing "Default" and see if it fixes it. Tried this earlier, it's like my enter key itself is being used as LMB... in the window, it says ENTER is used to Initiate Chat but Enter does nothing.. when i use Enter in Options it's read as LMB... for some reason ENTER is using LMB...
  4. Same Issue.. and when i tried to rebind Enter.. it says my ENTER key is reading as LMB... Plz Fix
  5. Enter won't open chat anymore. Can i fix this? I think i pressed a key by mistake but not sure what i pressed... K so.. when i tried to rebind my Initiate Chat to Enter.. It keeps telling me I'm binding LMB to it...
  6. Same.. i've done 50+ Rounds with no Rewards
  7. Was for me too, til this incident, and if it was just 1 daily quest, I'd be fine with it... But it's also the 5 daily stage bonuses...
  8. As an update, my computer wasn't what crashed. The game crashed with a "Fatal Error" and now I can't even load the game unless I go into a Private Tavern. I wouldn't think much of it, except apparently my dailies didn't refresh either. When I try to enter the game through the original Play button, I get the infinite black loading screen and when I go into Task Manager to shut it down, it says it's using 90-99% of my Memory. Yet it all works fine when I use the Play Private button... even weirder.. I can enter a Public Tavern after that with no problems.. Again.. I could wait for hotfixes,
  9. Was the very first time it happened, though. Was like "Noooo, Why Now?!"
  10. Sry.. I was just in a game with you and the game had a fatal error while loading to Tavern. Wish I coulda played with you more. I posted here cuz I couldn't get a hold of you through Steam so had no idea where else to put it, I'm sure you'll see it eventually.... so... Sorry! m( _ _ )m
  11. I finally got a daily quest with this patch, but that was it.. the day the patch came out i got one... None after.
  12. I'm not saying they should bring back the DD1 Tower speed that broke the game... Just saying they can have an upgradeable Tower Speed stat.. maybe have a diminishing scale.
  13. I have a dream, that one day I'll see my aura's damage numbers stack on top of each other.
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