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  1. You would assume you can, there are 2 slots, but sadly you cant. once you have 4 characters making a 5th blacks out character creation. You would assume you can because you can. I currently have 5 characters and have room to create 1 more. 4 more in total if I wanted to spend gems.
  2. oil them up and piercing shot them
  3. so what youre saying is that you want to get carried in nm4 content and want to equip the gear immediately?
  4. They will undoubtedly raise the level cap either with DLC or in the future since they are already working on 7 more maps to balance things more. Its not a bad thing
  5. go tavern to tavern asking for someone? submit a forum post looking for similiar players? go in twitch streams and ask? its not hard. all things i did to progress and im currently a 852 AP huntress
  6. Nah, they were on forums before we were about to do some nm4 incursion
  7. That's nice. Now reread my post you quoted again and because your reading comprehension lacking. A game like this is all about progression. What makes this game fun? Getting stronger. If you're not progressing in any way, what fun is that? I'm not going to play for an hour and gain nothing. Waste of time. Then play the map more than twice instead of going to complain on forums and put actual time into getting the gear.
  8. So you want a game to give you an upgrade every run and hold your hand? Hello Kitty Island Adventure might do that for you.
  9. Well to be fair level 50 is the last level currently.. so makes sense to bar endgame behind it?
  10. Status: LFG/LFM for nightmare 4 incursion wave 2 farm Steam ID: MakeThatAssClap Heroes: ipwr 818 AP huntress
  11. lol u dun goof or Trendy forgot about it Everything else get their first ability right away. This is a bug. We're hoping to fix it in our next hotfix. :) will you be fixing the bug that causes pet rerolls to roll the same one to completely negate the new stat and never cause it to count again? my thunder-o currently only has the defense crit chance and nothing else
  12. It's not a must at all. Get a squire waller and an LSA monk and you're golden
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