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  1. well after thinking a while i just came with some ideas. Scavenger is useless as it is right now, so why not make it auto loot all the items that drop, then when you finish a game you get this window (after evey game) with him and showing all the items he picked, then you select the ones you want to sell and all the other goes to your bags, if you want to use him for something in the future you can just add some "experience bar" that increases as you sell items, the lower the ipwr the lower exp you get, that's it About nms, well you can just add one more game mode, make current end game mode somewhere between what we had and what we have, and just make that new game mode harder than current endgame nm, with higher ipwr loot but lower drop rate, so we actually have more power when we reach and it's a challenge AFTER we got powerful gear. About builds, you really need to add special maps / bosses that drops build's weapons, make them for every difficulty so we can try new builds from the start, not once we reach the almost impossible nms i know there are more thing but these ones are the most important from my point of view, you made gear kinda weak, i can say before that aura boost reroll i was getting some useful combinations, but still i think something is missing, is not like diablo when i'm excited everytime one nice item drops, doesn't happen here
  2. well in every game you play you want to have some kind of progress while you struggle to get it, but you know you will get it somehow "fast" <--- "FAST" not in one day, or maybe one week, but you actually improve a little with every game you play Now, after this patch is just a waste of time to try and progress, you fail over and over again w/o any reward, which is not really fun at all, is easier to just go play another game They need to add maybe another game mode, like keep nms somewhere between what we had before alpha and what we had at pre alpha, and just add one more game mode which is harder, maybe like current nm or even harder with idk 1k+ ipwr rewards so you actually arrive with some "finished" gear and build and just improve them, idk is only an idea
  3. is not that i complain and whine for no reason, is different to pay for an alpha version of the game when they actually improve with time, i don't see that here, we're stuck in the same as months ago: end game They just don't know how to improve / fix it, and since i don't have all the time in the world to play everyday i just want to play a fun game, it doesn't matter if it's hard or easy, but rewarding, this game just turned into something hard, not fun at all, tedious and not really rewarding on endgame nms And btw like theya ll said, pay more attention, it was NM1 on stream, with ipwr 600, and he couldn't win
  4. Scavenger is useless, pet reroll, skill spheres are so expensive compared to gold you get from selling items, THAT'S if you get some nm items (or you can farm lower levels and don't get higher ipwr gear) Ipwr on maps like nm 4, showing you get 600-700 ipwr items, when they say you need 1k ipwr to clear it is just confusing for new players, all that system is just pointless if you'll never get that ipwr Nm 1 is waaay hard for people to even have fun trying it, remember when you fail and fail it's not fun, even if you want people to keep trying, you need some kind of rewards for your effort, which is none since loot is all messed up and gear is useless also 4 new builds? nice, getting the weapons you need to make them work from nm +? really bad move if you want "everyone" to try them out You forget about the "fun" part of every game, giving us unfinished update with unfinished hotfixes that harm core game experience, the loot / ogre thing on nm is just pathetic, and having to wait 5 days for it to get fixed? c'mon, really dissapointing Sometimes i don't think you play the same game as we do, or try to play your own game w/o using your codes to get nice items, use crappy lvl 240 set and try nm and you'll find out that "fun" is gone. Was better when it was pre alpha than now, and i know it'll take time for you to fix all these things, but still we deserve more complete polished content per upgrade / hotfix that the ones we are getting, since we Paid from a soon to be F2p game
  5. i wouldn't be surprised that people quit this game with the path they're taking
  6. i though they said "all the items you don't pick will go to that scavenger" at least that's what i remember from their stream, now we have to pick them all, they just love to lie
  7. Like this guy said, 20 of my friends, who play dd2 left until they wipe, since we all were max ipwr just grinding to get perfect items for our builds, is a waste of time to keep grinding if they all will be rerolled, even grinding for ipwr 240 is useless since you won't use them more than 1-2 runs. I complained a LOT about this reroll but i like what's coming, wanna see that "new" NM4, see how hard it is.
  8. Well i really liked the idea of making special monsters to drop weapons / items with passives, so i was thinking maybe add some fire boss that ignites your defenses and does damage over time to them, and it drops huntress bow. Maybe some ice monster to drop app staff, that freezes some defenses. why not an oggre that restores it's hp by taking it from your defenses and drop squirre's weapon... idk i'm sleepy and wanted to share my idea before i forget, nite nite :D
  9. i TOTALLY agree about early access, i've seen other games worse than DD2 and they are available for the public, of course they lose some people since they will join and get bored / leave due lack of a huge ammounts of mechanics, content, etc etc etc I also agree, this is paid open beta, not pre alpha - maybe they have their own terms in the meaning of these words (like they explained) , but still. i don't complain about early access though, but idk i'm wondering myself if it was a smart move buying a game that made me lose hrs and hrs of my time for nothing, and will be f2p at the end, cause literally i got nothing that will make me feel proud of being pre - alpha - tester, not even a title
  10. i just don't think they should move out of pre alpha soon
  11. i actually have more fun leveling alts than doing endgame content, specially now, i think is a waste of time to keep playing until they reroll (useless reroll)
  12. well, it happened to me twice, once inside a game, when i tried to change items, the original ones dissapear, i mean, i got a shield, changed for the one i had, and once i wanted to put on the old one, it was gone and turned into a copy of the new shield, same happened with gloves, also when i pick items, after a while they send some items to the box where they sell, but it's a duplicate, since i already got the item and it just copies itself, like 50% of the time, it's pretty annoying, i can't change items according to my party cause i'm afraid to lose mines
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