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  1. I logged on today and i thought of buying a new skin, but when i looked at my gems they were all gone! The only things i bought were 2 Premium Bags and a Apprentice Skeleton Skin. And i had at least 2000 left over. Please help. Pls.
  2. I'd like the feature from the original DD1 to come back to DD2. Although this might be already in motion i think this feature should have a bit more of a variety such as... -Different patterns bought with diamonds or awarded from strongboxes -The ability to customize Weapons/Shields with different colors -Deeper, Advanced customization (Squire Armor Color 1, Squire Armor Color 2, Squire Tank Top Color 1...) -The ability to buy different colors/patterns for pets. -Clothing material (shininess/texture of cloths or reflectiveness of armor) The list can keep going but that's a few things i have in mind.
  3. Although this is easier i think it would be MUCH easier if you just hit a hotkey while looking at the Defender Forge.
  4. This egg in it's egg form will look sort of like a red ball. The Fish that will hatch from it will have stats sort of like this. -Mostly low water damage -High fire rate If this were to be implemented i suggest 2-4 types of fish. -Shark Type -Puffy Cheek Fish Type -Frog Type (Mythical) -Mermaid (Mythical/Legendary?)
  5. This isn't really a suggestion... But thanks for the info.
  6. A new game mechanic to sort of reduce lag by reducing the amount of gems on screen. This feature will "clump" or stack the gems on each other to form bigger gems so you wont have to see a bunch of tiny little gems. -Bigger Mana Crystals have a smaller range in which they clump together. -This is a slow process, meaning they move towards each other very slowly. (Bigger mana crystals clump slower) *Note this is my first thread so if another post like this has already been made sorry.
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