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  1. You believed that developer line? ....
  2. Find a group of people with similar gear to run with
  3. Nice idea for a thread Status: LFG for NM3+ content Steam ID: mlg pro sniper (steam is linked in my forum profile) Heroes: Huntress 50 - ipwr 550ish Tower dps set 1700 dps level 1 mines(2836 tower damage; 1380 tower health) also have AP focused dps set Squire Working on leveling up my tanking squire
  4. linked steam account to profile so you can check it by clicking on my forum avatar generally play anytime between 12pm est to 2am est
  5. also have an ap/hero damage set
  6. level 50 huntress with ipwr 180 (tower geared) looking for a team to do anything around that ipwr difficulty.
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