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  1. Thank you so much for the in depth post that will help me out a lot sounds like I will start working on my mage /monk first. I really don't mind playing with people either just don't have many friends on here yet. Was so used to having to solo in DD1. Hopefully ill be able to put some of this to use. Are there any suggestions as far as leveling up to get to 40+ and best places to farm for good items?
  2. Thank you ill have to give it a try. I have no other hero's yet so maybe that's something to work on as well because I did see monks have a great defense for air. Are there any absolute must have hero's for solo play that would make it easier on me?
  3. So I am level 31 and ilevel 90 and feel fairly stuck at the moment. Have not really had any great gear drops so not strong enough to solo the ilvl betsy. I am mostly built into defense power/speed. Just wondering what would be some tips on leveling and best place to farm gear etc.
  4. Got the game 2 days ago been stuck on kill 2000 enemies with your towers. Bugged for me does not count anything.
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