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  1. yesterday I finally tried again. I played in "Fullscreen Windowed" and I got through a full map w/o crashing. Seems like either it's fixed for me or or the issue is strictly with "Windowed". Joey, have you tried FULLSCREEN, I had luck with that. I'm still having the exact issue as I mentioned in the OP. I can't load the game past DD2's initial client (where you have to press "play" to open the actual game). Oddly enough, so long as I delete and replace the files I highlighted with current versions I get friends to send me, I can play the game without issue. But I've got to delete and replace EVERY TIME I close and go to open the game. Really wish I understood why this is occurring.
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bitIntel Core i7-2700k CPU @ 3.5GHzNVIDIA GeForce GTX770ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 (mobo)
  3. So I was just going through the .ini files again, and I seem to have stumbled upon something. At the bottom of "UDKEngine.ini", which I use to get the game working, is the following lines of text. [IniVersion] 0=1438319788.000000 1=1438319844.000000 However, after the "DunDefGame.exe" crash, the "UDKEngine.ini" file is edited and reads; [IniVersion] 0=1438530671.000000 1=1438530664.000000 There is a similar change which occurs within the "UDKGame.ini" file, going from [IniVersion] 0=1438320152.000000 1=1438319790.000000 Which works, to [IniVersion] 0=1438530764.000000 1=1438530665.000000 Which results in the crash. Now I don't know if this means much, but it was the only thing I was able to identify without spending a tonne of time reading each line of text and comparing it to the set of files that work.
  4. I can upload them to that same filesharing website if you'd like?
  5. Damn, really sorry to hear that mate. My only other thought would be, after verifying your game cache and it downloads a couple of things, go through your Dungeon Defenders 2 folder and see which files have been most recently edited and they could most likely be the cause. That method was how I originally found the 3 .ini files mentioned in the OP to be the cause. Good luck in your search
  6. If you're unable to find "UDKOptions.ini.local.ini" all you'll need to do is download the file mentioned in the OP. They apparently download as .exe files, but I assure you, they're legit .ini files and not something else. As soulz says, "had to rename them to .ini though because they came as .exe, I guess the file host changed it or something." All you need to do is edit the name, removing the ".exe", of the file to what is said in the OP (i.e. "UDKOptions.ini.local.ini.exe" turns into "UDKOptions.ini.local.ini" Hope this helps.
  7. Alright, the past few days I have spent trying to find a fix for this fecking error and I seem to have found THE solution, or at least a solution that has worked for me. Like many, I am able to load the launcher, but would get a crash after pressing "play". I would attempt to verify game cache, would be told that a file or two was downloaded, but never would it fix the problem. Here's the kicker, if I were to uninstall and then install the game again, I could get through the launcher issue and play it... the first time. The very moment I closed the game, that was it, client was fecked and i was back to getting the DunDefGame.exe crash. After some digging around the files, I believe I've found the root cause... and boy is it annoying. Step 1) I completely uninstalled the game, including going into the actual folder (Steamapps>common>Dungeon Defenders 2.) MAKE SURE ITS ALL GONE. Step 2) Run a fresh install. DO NOT OPEN THE GAME YET Step 3a) Go to the following file Steam>steamapps>common>Dungeon Defnders 2>configsOpen "Launcher.ini"Change the line of text "NewUpdateLaunch=true" to "NewUpdateLaunch=false" (Of the 3 different friends I asked to check this file, they all confirmed this) Step3b) steam>steamapps>common>Dungeon Defenders2>DunDef2>UDKGame>Config It is here we find the 3 files that have caused us so much frustration "UDKEngine.ini", "UDKGame.ini", "UDKOptions.ini.local.ini" Step 4) Copy those to a seperate folder, somewhere safe. Even to your desktop. KEEP THEM. Step 5) You may now open the game. Hopefully, it will open. You'll be able to play and everything will be ok. Step 6) Eventually you close the game. Later, you wish to play again. Lo and behold, it's fecked again, you're getting DunDefGame.exe crash. Step 7) Remember those files I told you to save somewhere else? Go back to where they were (Dungeon Defenders2>DunDef2>UDKGame>configDelete the files and replace them with the saved ones. COPY AND PASTE(Please make sure you don't cut and paste, you need to always have good copies of those 3 files if you want to play the game)If it all works for you, as it works for me. Everytime you open the game and recieve the crash, you will need to delete those 3 files, and replace them with the ones you had whilst the game was working. Whilst this is completely stupid and should not be a thing, for those of us being effected by this bollocks, I hope it's fixed properly soon. Until then.... we make do I guess. UPDATE With the most recent patch the error is still occurring. As far as I can piece together after looking through the files of friends whom have the game working fine, the "[IniVersion]" of both "UDKGame.ini" and "UDKEngine.ini" are different. Honestly don't have enough technological knowledge to know if that is the root cause or if it's just a piece of a smaller puzzle, only that there is a difference between what I have and what they have. Further, it doesn't matter If I delete and replace my 'corrupt' files with their working ones, they revert back to the 'corrupt' immediately after closing the game. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon. Until then, I'll continue to replace my fecked files with working ones before I start the game every single time.
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