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  1. I honestly think we should keep the idea of 6 minions. Stats are what made the class OP, not the variation.
  2. Please don't bump it 4 quadrillion times. It's 2nd on the popularity page. As much as I might like this idea, I kinda want DD2 to be original. This sounds like the exact same thing as a WoW druid with towers.
  3. I actually think it would be great if this was a minion for a summoner type class, much like the warriors were.
  4. I would hope so! I'm just making this so maybe he could end up in the game as early as possible. Thank you!
  5. Oye! Heasy! This is a pretty damn good idea!
  6. Now, I don't know about you guys, but the Summoner class was my absolute favorite. I loved the idea of having minions and being able to move them around so I could position them according to the waves and make them fight in little armies. It would be so amazing if something like that could be implemented into this game. Now I'm pretty new to the whole posting thing, so Idfk how to fill all this white space left on the typing thing, because more words = better idea... Right? Edit: Erm... Pressed tab and enter on accident so I didn't really finish. Edit 2: Did it again. (Oooo indentions and professionalism!) It doesn't necessarily have to be the exact same thing as the summoner was, just kind of the same idea. Ya know, summoning minions and having them scurry all about the map. Most important thing was the top down view. Being able to micro manage my groups was SO much fun! I could send my little army of underpowered spiders out to attack some ogre, only to get wiped out for a loss, and then realize warriors were amazing as a roaming destruction team. I know you can't honestly tell me summoning an ogre to use against an ogre didn't feel empowering and great. Gonna list a couple of possible minions that could make it into the game as I come up with them. Tavern Guard: Pretty much the exact same thing as the warrior was from the first game but.. Well, a Tavern Guard. Well.. I seem to have run out of things to ramble on about. If you read this, please leave a comment and be as honest as possible. I'll give you a civil response when I see it, and thank you for giving me your time. Hey, I might even add some of your suggestions (if there are any) to my post to get the big and mighty game higher-ups to see it!
  7. If your name started with a J, it would say "Jew ho is mighty" :D
  8. In all fairness, trade would be logical. No limitations on it is what killed the trade in DD 2's predecessor. I think trading gear is a terrible idea, but I believe in trading things more simple things like eggs and pet items.
  9. Would love (Name) the Accident Edit: DAMN IT! Founder is so much better! Can't believe I didn't pick that. Still want "the Accident" for sake of originality
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