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  1. I was going to disagree with you because that's not how I feel the gear should be designed around, but after really considering what you said and about how ipwr can limit what maps (and in turn what gear) you can do/obtain your solution seems to be quite effective. What I don't like is increasing ipwr level based on rarity. First off increase rarity should imply its a better piece of gear even if the base stats are equal to something of the same ipwr so increasing it's ipwr as well is just redundant. Secondly you don't want to just give people gear that is so significantly better, just because they got lucky, that it makes the game too easy. For instance if you got a Legendary weapon (well rolled) with ipwr of 130 you might not replace it with another weapon until 200+ or with another legendary, just because having 3 abilities on the weapon is probably going to be better than some small stat increases. Lastly having all these different ipwrs for each rarity then makes finding out where upgrades are can be difficult. Lets say you have ipwr 200 and you go to a map and the common gear is ipwr 170...will that map have the neccassary upgrades? It's kinda hard to say. The developers would have to make it uniform across all levels, like in your example +10 ipwr for each rarity. But then in the end game well 10 ipwr isn't much and common gear will feel almost as strong as legendary, but if you 25 ipwr then in the early game greens and blues would be WAY too good. I think this is a difficult topic on how to balance this...and maybe just getting replacing ipwr requirements with level requirements and maybe recommended minimum ipwr would be better? I'm not sure.
  2. Well yea it can be really frustrating being on the cusp of going to a harder map, but not being able to because you have a slightly to low ipwr and you could get the neccessary ipwr if you equiped something that was far worse in stats but higher in ipwr. But you should be able to farm gear that has the required ipwr from the previous map or other scenarios, but you may have to farm to get something that is actually worth equiping. If you are trying to get to that 111 ipwr area keeping that ring is a must, but it appears you have green boots, chest, and helm and if any of those are low they would be good (and easy) items to replace.
  3. oh lol after re-reading that I can see how that can be see as angry.... I had no intention of it being like that i was just trying to stress specific points, it appears to come off a point forceful....my bad ^.^
  4. I thought we were being calm? Just discussing the reasoning behind how gearing works and the theory behind it
  5. It most definitely should be....what would be the point of getting low level blue/purp/legendary gear? as soon as you get to the next tier of ipwrs they would all be useless and that would just feel even more pointless and frustrating. Just knowing "oh yes! i got a legendary!....nvm its not max ipwr so i'll just switch it out with a white soon" I mean yea there shouldn't be that big a difference between a 300 blue and a 350 green....in theory they should be about even and each developer will have their own opinions on whether the blue should be higher or the green, but in general a higher rarity 1 tier below a lower tier should be better if by only slightly
  6. The problem is that you switched from a blue to a green. So even though the ipwr is higher it is still a downgrade because of the rarity difference. Rarity is very important as well as the stats on the gear. When playing a game of this nature you can't just assume higher level = better. There are just too many factors to include especially this game that has "special stats" i.e. 10% chance on damage taken to electrocute nearby enemies. These extra stats are so crucial to a piece of gear that it can make gear with many many ipwr levels below other gear better.
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