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  1. and you got gems which are worth more than $15. silly thread
  2. The way i see it, the Scavenger is being hated on not because of the idea / purpose of itself, but because of it's execution. Once it all is ironed out, people won't be so angry. It's just that majority doesn't have the patience it takes to deal with such experiments of things. Scavenger is NOT harmful AT ALL. Everyone is just pouring their frustration and anger of TiB removal onto Scavenger, because, well, let's face it - people need a sheep to vent their anger of losing TiB on. However, TE does not want to have TiB in the game (the TiB that we had, at least). I am waiting with excitement t
  3. And by "good decisions" you mean everything that community want? That is a highway to a disaster that was proven before a number of times. I can't recall the title(-s), though, so you may see this as a thing i "made up" and it won't be "unfair" as i have nothing to back up that statement. Very often, the community's desires (all of them as a whole) are the bad decisions or ways to go. i can't really recall any title(s) ruined by community suggestions. ark is in it's prime because A LOT of the ingame content was (and is) based on community suggestions, and they keep making more every week.
  4. I hope devs read this thread, it's really interesting one. shows how many of us feel at this point.
  5. Well.. monetization? DD1 wasn't f2p. Hero deck lets you monetize it while simultaneously saying it isn't P2W Satori something else you could consider in your compensive post is that allowing infinite creation of heroes would artifically increase the longevity of the game. I know even if I gear everything up I'll create another hero for some dumb purpose - like a magic res squire, tank monk, etc etc. = Good reason to remove hero deck ^to that point, more pets too. No reason to have more than 4-6 elder pets atm. With inf. hero creation/use it would make sense for people to feed more
  6. now THAT is what i hate about you white knights and apologists. 99% of people who voiced their opinion, and said that they'll leave the game, they NEVER said "game will be never good and devs suck". you are getting random accusations from nowhere. how many already said same thing over and over, some of them in constructive form, some just raging and some both of them combined. oh and numbers dont lie, game lost lots of players. even after it became cheaper and many got the game for free, it still hardly reaches 2k players at same time, most of people just login to do their daily. and consider,
  7. I'd like to see some love for DPS heroes both AP and HD builds. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE hack & slash, and i'd really like to see my hero damage monk to feel useful.
  8. it's like a sight for a sore eyes when i see you guys reply to threads. can you also check THIS thread and reply there too? just to see how some of old fans feel about DD2? thank you
  9. Yes, OP was kinda rude but was he wrong? not really. there are things i would disagree BUT the fact remains, trendy is making very questionable changes, not in a good way. YES, i know how hard it is to be a developer, i had experience in developing, and is really, really hard, BUT making choices are not hard. so far, tenrdy is making choices that cost them playerbase. honestly how many old fans left the game already? and how many casuals will stay after 2-3 weeks of playing? even after 10k free copies of the game, DD2 hardly go over 2k players online at same time. Maybe they should try to spea
  10. Gold economy is in really bad state right now. while there is no good source of gold income, there sure are ways to spend gold in instant. it would take more than couple of month for casual player to upgrade gear, even if gear is not so good. - Pet re-rolls cost 5x times more than they should be. - weapon upgrades can swallow millions (literally). - Force pet upgrade (by food) cost more than 4 million to tier 3. - Spheres are maybe too expensive (but it's ok, since you buy them once). overall prices are ridiculous, can we expect a way to get a lot more gold or should be expect fixed economy?
  11. i'm ok with spheres being not cheap but 50k for reroll is too much. if i'm paying 50k gold, let me choose the stat i want. economy is in bad shape in current version of the game.
  12. had same experience. getting armor is too hard also maybe RNG is playing with me but almost every piece of armor i got has DH, HH stat on them, very very few actually have HD and/or HCrit.
  13. Here's what Blacksmith said in reply to someone on his blog: "Thanks for the reply! Similar to our process with Nightmare, we are currently actively working on the economy. Before if you remember gold was really plentiful and we had a lot of comments of it feeling useless. Now we tried a more aggressive approach and eventually we'd get it in a good enough place! TrendyJayT is actively working on that stuff!" it only felt useless because it had little use ingame, but it was never plenty. upgrading gear costs millions, trying to force evolve pet costs millions. I may be wrong but i don't reme
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