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  1. I tried to find a dumbed down version for fools like you that have defense council as a tag and think they are in some cool club. Let me make it easier for you and your club members: Software Release Cycle ps - i love Michael Scott Whoa, easy there little girl. Sorry your feelings got hurt so easily, I will be more gentle in what I say with you. Just to be clear, I didn't say anything negative about your post. Just wiki... It's just, anytime I see wiki it reminds me of that episode and makes me laugh. But hey, as Scott says "you really went after my intelligence there". P.S. I won my seat in the council after I donated to the charity, missed the deadline by several hours. I put in the code to play the game and it gave me this tag. I don't feel a part of any kind of cool club though. I'm just a player who loves this game like you do. Yup. Best 30 dollars I have spent on games in a while. Even got the collectors edition for free. Not sure if it was only DC that got it a few months back or not. But check your email from Trendy and if you have not gotten it , you should have. I feel its sorta selfish to rant at Trendy for actually addressing flaws with their design. I myself never want the gear to inflate like it happened in DD1. The game really isn't all that fun at the moment where most of the end game content is AFKable. And this OP, dont you think they would simply pushed the button if it would let them scale back the iPWR on gear? As adressed by Brad(I think) clearly says its not doable without a lot of work. Why would we want them spending time on some gear we have earned which will probably be outdated in a map or two? Again it is just selfish. About them saying not planned full wipes. Yes, they could of said there will probably be a item re scaling sooner. But OP going all out rage mode is just silly. I have my gripes about the game and Trendy's stand on certain things. But this "wipe" if you can even call it that is by far one of them. What do you mean addressed by Brad? This feature LITERALLY existed before and has merely been disabled. On top of this it is only a data file write issue with parameter checking based on a mathematical function to roll the value for the given IPW value (of which they are using to reroll in the first place). It is a joke to say it is difficult or impossible to reroll the stats for the correct IPW value aka downgrade even had the feature never existed. It is so easy to do something like this, in fact, I could have a relatively new programmer in college perform the task in anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. For anyone already familiar with it this would take no more then minutes to hours. There exists no definable excuse here. I did not go all out rage mode. I pointed out valid concern over the transparency or lack of with Trendy and how they basically jerk around their players at whim. If they had been more forthcoming about such events it wouldn't be nearly as big a deal. I see no problem in calling them out when they blatantly lie about the stat downgrading/reroll issue though and expect their player base to actually be stupid enough to not know better. Don't see how you found this to be acceptable. Notice the refusal to return to this thread and debate/defend against my points when TrendyBrad got called on his lies and BS? Ahhh the good old "I know that the developers are lying and this thing they say is really hard is actually super easy, even though I haven't got the slightest clue how they coded this stuff" excuse. I really don't get how they aren't being transparent. TrendyBrad's post seemed pretty clear to me. He gave a pretty detailed post on exactly why they need to reroll stats. Be thankful that's all they need to do, it's not a full-on wipe like we a month or so ago. The only issue is people getting paranoid over nothing, trying to start drama out of thin air.
  2. Lightning: Any chance certain stats will ever display as a % and not just a number. I don't know exactly how the background stuff works, but having a Crit Chance of 127 or whatever doesn't really tell me much.. Lightning: Not something I'd see having a high priority, but will we ever be able to preview Hero Skins in full before we buy them (like we can look at locked accessories for skins we do own in the accessories tab)? It's a bit inconvenient trying to look at other players wearing paid skins to see what they actually look like in game.
  3. I imagine that it's like you suggested, with the actual health not reflected in the percentage. I don't actually know though. I forget, are the lower tiers affected by defense health? (i.e. does a tier 1 aura start out with more than 100% based on how much DH you have?)
  4. I mean, it's a hero-based tower defense game. That's kinda the point. If you expect to be able to completely afk while your towers do all the work, I think you found the wrong game... did you even play dd1, that was exactly what you're describing as "not this game" like, wtf. sometimes i feel like people have no clue what they're talking about. this game should be everything BUT tanking mobs with 3 squires and hack and slashing with weak ass turrets. i mean this is a sequal, im not surprised people expect the same kind of experience instead of going from completely AFK with tower builds to unable to afk and tank n spank/hack n slash Sorry. Honestly never played DD1/DDE. I thought the character-centric nature of the game just implied that, but I guess I'm wrong. My bad.. (I probably shouldn't be talking like I know so much about the game, since I really don't. I'll work on that)
  5. I mean, it's a hero-based tower defense game. That's kinda the point. If you expect to be able to completely afk while your towers do all the work, I think you found the wrong game...
  6. The whole reason is probably that you paid money to play the game despite it's going f2p. I don't think they "datamine" anything at all other than reading the forums. I can pretty much guarantee any online game with an alpha/beta period ever is gathering statistical data from the playerbase as they play to affect certain decisions. There's no reason not to.
  7. Unnecessarily aggressive OP aside, I hadn't realized I had the same issue when I bought in after the patch. (I had figured 13000 gems corresponded to $130). So the post was still a bit helpful. Might want to look into this later. Edit: Oh so it's not only this thread. Well then... Double Edit: Different post somewhere pointed out the numbers are right, so nevermind guess this isn't even an actual issue. Carry on.
  8. The patch in question hasn't hit yet.
  9. There are far too many people who have this stupid bug & I currently STILL have no incentive to play right now since I can't even do my daily mission... Hope they recognize how obnoxious this is. They're working on it. Just be patient until then. They got the shellium bug coming in tomorrow's hotfix, so they'll probably get dailies in on the next one (guessing either friday or next week). It'll probably only be a few days.
  10. That's my basic opinion too, but I think there needs to be a better solution to it. Clearly, people are hitting problems I haven't encountered yet, and it seems like a big issue.
  11. Nice to see a bit of reason on this thread. I was kinda hoping this community was gonna be less toxic, but oh well. I guess early access is always like this. I'm sure in a week or two most of the bugs might be fixed (Well, I'm guessing at least. I don't actually know how quickly Trendy worked in the past) and getting some of the balance issues right may take a bit longer. Either way, it'll be nice to see how this update shapes up.
  12. The whole last paragraph of the post says they're working on it. Some issues are bigger than others and there's no way they would task everyone with fixing the same bug. That would be horribly inefficient. People really need patience...
  13. I mean...this is objectively untrue even, even if you hate the change. They very clearly care that it's gone. They removed it, after all. The fact of the matter is that they feel, based on their vision as designers, that the game will be in a better state without the spreadsheeting effect of Attack Speed, instead replaced with an emphasis on customization and crit. Agree or disagree with their plan, they very clearly have a plan. Yeah, the dev stream makes it apparent that the patch made some big changes, but everything is (obviously) not where they want it to be yet. I get the impression that people should give them a chance to work out the kinks with this patch before writing these changes off (That goes for more than just defense speed, actually). Maybe it was a bad decision in the long run, or maybe what they're planning will work out in the long run. Either way, too early to tell. That said I am new to all this (just bought in when the patch dropped) so my opinion on this is a bit limited...
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