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  1. Sigh sadly I stopped. I was pumped about the update and could only stomach 8 games or so before I couldn't go any further. The fun of nightmare has been sucked right out. Theres four levels of it; why is it such an unbalanced grind fest even at the first tier? I tried partnering up with my DPS buddy(Im the tower guy with all chars maxed) and it only compounded the imbalances. So here I am checking every couple of days for some sort of post or glimmer of hope the game will find its way back to fun. Fingers crossed
  2. Well in all honesty this is probably one of the best times to break from DD given how many awesome games are coming out September on. Maybe in a month of two this will be sorted out.
  3. There's really not a whole lot to figure out other then the fact you made the game less fun. You either grossly over level the content with ipwr or you beat your head against a brick wall. Except you took all our stuff, randomized it and over nerfed what it could possibly roll. So in the end yeah Nightmare became harder because you raped our stuff and nerfed the builds. Yah! Fun! >.>
  4. I also observed this. When the Squire weekend was happening it was raining sploody swords. I've yet to see a Mage Staff with frostfire. Trendy please review and confirm everything is on the up and up.
  5. Have yet to see a frost fire staff. I do however keep getting the splosion sword even while on my Mage. This is Endgage insane crossroads.
  6. Hello everyone. Where other than dailies can I pick up Wyvern tokens? Some said in general Onslaught. If so what mode and difficulty? Thanks
  7. Update: I was able to get in by launching the game through the steam launcher as opposed to a short cut on my desktop. Good luck.
  8. Try launching the game from the steam library. This fixed the issue for my buddy and I.
  9. To see if its impacting everyone? We have some folks in the technical forum reinstalling their games etc.
  10. Have an issue logging in today only. Found a post in the technical issue forum describing my issue. Upon start up its just a blacks screen with the twirling symbol. Only 4 posts, is anyone else having issues?
  11. Hate to state the obvious but it looks like it needs to be stated once more; The game is currently in a Pre-Alpha build. That means you got into the game at the ground floor where ideas, mechanics, game play etc are still being brain stormed, pulled from paper and put in the game. At one time DD2 was going to be a MOBA(Thank God we didn't get that)! We have seen bugs galore with Trendy changing mechanics regularly. The majority if not almost everyone who played DD1 played way after it was fully realized either in its Beta state or fully released state. Trendy opened the doors to early for
  12. I agree 100%. Im over 100 and its still not nearly enough.
  13. Now this is a "Core Issues" Patch. Hot damn what a fine ass patch this is shaping up to be! Hope it turns out! Thank you Trendy ;)
  14. Pretty sure they're trying to patch dailies tomorrow. Will it fix every case maybe not but should help.
  15. Well the UI is certainly placeholder so I wouldn't be surprised if it all was placeholder until they get around to it. Ive never seen it calculate correctly.
  16. Or maybe make the player go to the knight captain to get the reward? Other quest rewards are handed out by tavern personnel as well. I don't think going to the guy and pressing E is too much of a hassle to do up to three times per day. That works as well!
  17. Further feedback regarding dailies having somehow been able to complete a few after being stuck with one for days. I didn't even notice I finished a daily until I saw my wyvern tokens moved up by 1 some time later. Is there supposed to be some sort of prompt or UI display saying that it was completed and this was the reward? Is this a bug or does this not exist? As awesome as dailies sounded and are supposed to drive rewards especially gold I would think these would be broadcasted or receive some sort of feedback like good job! Again unless its a bug there's no feedback for completing dailies
  18. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you also reported the issue in the tavern or in the appropriate forums.
  19. I very inappropriately love you right now. Hahaha. P.s. Praise small baby Jesus for this change.
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