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  1. The Commander Pack and Frostlord Pack are currently 50% off on Xbox Marketplace, I'm really hoping this sale happens on steam as well
  2. I really miss the mini map icons showing the upgrade level for the defenses like in DD1. A toggle option could be nice though, to display either the upgrade icons or the current green/black square system.
  3. It would definitely make Onslaught feel rewarding, as it is I only went in there for the monthly because drop wise it offered me nothing (and this was shortly after it first became available)
  4. My onslaught eggs keep teleporting back to the temp bag too, which is annoying but would ultimately fine except when I log off to go do something and come back and my temp bag items have been vendored automatically due to their timers expiring....which means all those eggs I kept moving out of that bag have now been sold :(
  5. Yes this! A toggle feature would be awesome!
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