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  1. Hmmm interesting. 90% of the time, the weapons that drops are for the class I'm playing. After one map, if I'm playing my huntress, I have atleast 10 bows to choose from. While the rest of the drops are a mix of everything. Like everyone said, allows me to actually get gear for my other classes.
  2. One of the biggest problem I feel is joining a game where there's 2-3 people sitting around doing nothing. They are either complete dps build or they say their defenses are awful and waiting around for someone to build. Hence why I ended up having to level and gear 4 defense heroes. Most don't even acknowledge me if I suggest to work together and put down defenses together. It's either GIFF MANA and build yourself, or play solo, or have friends that play together
  3. lol why I thought it was so weird that it's not giving me all the credits.
  4. I've gotten 2 ogre credit and I don't have any defenses down though.
  5. Have killed atleast 10 ogres since the new monthly began and it isn't updating as I kill them. Other people in my group are getting the credit.
  6. Ok so now I FINALLY can make a game, I'm on my own....and it kicks me out stating the host left. HELLOO I'm playing by myself!!! -.-
  7. Keep getting "joining game..." I have logged in and out, restarted steam, verify game cache, restarted computer, etc.....Nothing is working. Yesterday I had the black loading screen, now I can log on but can't even join a game. Don't know what else to do.
  8. sometimes I get the black loading screen and sometimes I get in. Its like I'm gambling -.-
  9. Still getting loading screen for me
  10. Don't think its just EU, I'm in Canada and having the same problem
  11. Getting the black loading screen. Have logged in and out, restart, etc..
  12. Having the same problem. Finally received my daily missions after the wipe and haven`t been able to finish it.
  13. Hmm, going short and sweet. Heroes: Squire, Huntress and Monk Defenses: 1-2 blockades each lane, 2-4 explosion traps (in front of the blockades), 1-2 blaze balloons ( in front of the traps) and usually 3-5 cannonball towers behind the blockades, plus a couple of skyguard towers. Have been doing fine soloing with this build. Really depends on the map and the mobs coming in the lanes. Its all about positioning and supplementing some damage with your heroes, for me atleast. I would focus on the lane with the harder mobs and let the little ones be handled by my defense. I kite around the special
  14. Have submitted a bug report and plenty of people posted the same problem. Hopefully they are reading all of the reports and fixing it soon!!
  15. I think the biggest problem is that some people don`t understand stats are better than ipwr. They end up equipping items to give themselves a higher ipwr and join a map they have no business in. All they see is +.... and a big huge green thumbs up! YAY ITS BETTER! *equip*
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