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  1. I'm seeing tower nerfs but not many fixes for how the new special units spawn. We are pretty much down to just flamethrower and ramsters right now. Can we get some love to make other towers viable again overall?
  2. Fair points. At the very least, it sounds like either solution would be better than what is currently in place. I wonder if a combination of the ideas would work... Perhaps limit it to 2-3 (more on higher difficulties?) special enemy types per lane so that the players have to figure out the best combinations of counters to use in each lane, especially if one enemy counters the best counter of another enemy. I actually like that idea. Use chaos 1 and 2 to introduce the new enemy types by having one per lane then having mixed lanes in chaos 3 and 4. Granted that's only if the mixed lanes don't end up like what we have currently which invalidates so many towers. Alternatively they could make it so there's only 1 or 2 mixed lanes per map in higher difficulties and for those lanes its expected for players to use something like nimbus or flamethrower.
  3. I had 720ish gear on my characters before i came back for this update and used a variety of towers before this update. After the update im doing chaos 3 but its fairly difficult and the ONLY tower i use now is nimbus since it has range damage and can hit flying as well as cover multiple lanes. I tried using other towers but with how prevalent these "special" enemies are like shield goblins all i think is why bother with the effort. Especially when it comes to traps between siege rollers and the emp orcs they are almost useless. Honestly what i want is each enemy type to be set to a random lane for the entire map. So one lane may have all the shield goblins so projectile towers wont work and the next may have the emp orcs and siege rollers so traps are out. Then they just have to randomize which lane is what each time a map starts but the lane stays that way for the entire map. this will vary builds without making some towers obviously worse than others to the point of being a waste of DU to even consider using.
  4. I completely agree with JCav for a game based around constantly getting new and better loot a good inventory and item comparison is essential.
  5. So I have 6 50s and I stopped playing due to gearing not feeling rewarding or fun at endgame for me. After putting some thought into it and browsing the forums for awhile I think I figured out whats making it tedious instead of fun. Upgrades are not upgrades without the needed substat. The best example is Hero DPS gloves with Amped up are better for monks than 400 DP gloves without. And thanks to how gear is now if I ever want to switch to a 50 I just leveled I can't just swap gear over and have it work due to how specialized the gear is. So Im proposing a middleground. Something similar to what Diablo uses. Make non legendary gear have sockets and substats like Amped up socketable with each tier of gear having an extra socket. For example Green would have 1 socket blue 2 ect. Then make the legendary gear have permanent affixed substats that can roll in ranges. This would allow people to swap gear out between characters they have and make it so that 300 DP upgrade blue gloves you found are completely useless due to how they rolled. As for the socketed stats they could either be a separate drop with ranged determined by tier. For example white 1-5% green 6-10% blue 11-15% and legendary 16-20%. Or a set range of spheres that can be purchased like what we already have specific to gear. This allows us to specilize and hunt for that perfect legendary set for whatever specific build without feeling locked into useless gear without upgrades that RNGesus can sometimes push on us. Edit1: Typos/Spelling
  6. This would let non legendary pets get access to the better stat ranges through rerolls at higher evolutions but let the legendary pets start with those ranges. It would also make getting a premium pet that is epic or powerful still good as it would eventually be legendary. Also the lower tier pets could be usuable for those that want those pet skins after enough evolutions and rerolls.
  7. I think splody is great how it is especially since it doesn't seem to hurt dummies so it give me a reason to use them.
  8. So there are 3 defenses designed to do high amounts of single target damage: PDT, LSA, cannonball tower. Tier 1 Cannonball tower 30 mana - 1.6xDP - 2s attack speed 0.027 DP/s/m (DP per second per mana) Poison Dart Tower (takes 10 seconds to fully ramp up) 40 mana - (0.05xDP + 0.0725xDP x 8 ticks) x 6 Darts or a potential 3.78 DP per attack - 3.33s attack speed 0.0283 DP/s/m Lightning Strikes Aura 40 mana - 5.4 x DP - 4s attack time 0.03375 DP/s/m Tier 5 Cannonball Tower 30 DU - 5.74xDP (assumed from patch notes given) - 2s attack time 0.0957 DP/s/DU PDT 40 DU - (0.15xDP + 0.2175xdp x 8 ticks) x8 darts or potential 15.12 DP per attack - 3.33s attack time 0.1135 DP/s/DU LSA 540 mana - 16.2xDP per attack - ~3.5s attack time 0.1157 DP/s/DU While I was off with my napkin math based off of patch notes for loot and survive, the fact still remains that LSAs are scaled significantly higher than the other options given the fact that they have the most flexible and easy to use/abuse mechanics attached. it's hard to argue that PDT even comes close to comparing because of the near impossibility of getting full DPS from them outside of Betsy. Factoring in mana/DU cost, T1 LSA is 25% more stat efficient than Cannonball Towers and T5 LSA is 21% more stat efficient than Cannonball Towers. If you add in the fact that Lightning Strikes aura also benefits from up to 20% (?) attack speed increase from gloves and the ~3.75% more damage from the large sphere the difference gets even larger. Given the mechanics of each, the scaling should be in this order: PDT >>>>> Cannonball Tower > LSA LSA should be nerfed by at least 30% I think rather than LSA being nerfed 30% the other two towers should be reworked to have advantages comparable to its high dps. Mainly lsa should be strong single target. The cannons should be able to stun enough where them doing a little less dmg doesnt matter due to the stun payoff. And PDT needs a way to aoe the poison stacks so that poison can build up on groups faster without feeling wasted. IMO dont nerf just buff/fix the other towers. Amped up needs to be looked at though 15% amped up is better than 400 defense power and thats a problem...
  9. I actually enjoy not being forced to do stuff on my builder. If im building with a character i dont want to be forced to dps with it and vice versa.
  10. Pet levels reworked to feel less like a chore to level pets. I dont know if there is one but cap reroll costs at 5k gold for pet stat rerolls.
  11. I think the pet food costs were tuned for when gold was super easy to get and it was something that escaped their notice. I would like the costs to follow a trend where the first evolution is cheap so you can get pets to 10 easily. Make the next evolution cost more and so on. Right now leveling pets seems like a chore and not fun. Easy break down Numbers would have to be tweaked so they feel good without being to easy or grindy 1-10 100k gold 10-25 250k - 500k gold 25-45 750k - 1million gold
  12. Lets come up with crazy theorys on whats in todays patch. Lightning Strikes Aura was to week so its now aoe like lightning aura without a damage decrease. Apprentice towers were to strong so a straight 25% damage reduce across all of them.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499229219 Im using them in nm4 now physical resist lanes melt. I'm at 3910 Defense hp and 2233 Defense power if anyone is curious. Edit: im not using the oil large sphere im using the Powerful Spears one. Im also to poor atm to get the new medium spheres so im just using 5% crit and the basic range boost so my harpoons still have alot of room to improve.
  14. Download my profile if you want a phantom gold creeper egg that sells infinitely. It doesn't give me any money i just get item sold every time i open my inventory.
  15. I love you guys for fixing that pet kill bug it was so annoying to unequip it on boss waves. Two more boss loot bugs for you guys to fix though A tower built by someone who left the game will prevent bosses from dropping loot if they get the killing hit and the one where if the builder dies and the tower gets the killing hit when they are dead it can stop loot from dropping.
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