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  1. Just curious, because I know there are some people out dere with over 500 hours on DD1, as for myself have over 180, and put a lot of time/ have all DLC...etc
  2. 289Damage Pike/ +3projectiles, other atributes for damage monk. Require level 20. Pike has wide and long range, and attacks quite fast. "3strike combo" (First/Second/Third) Hit. Does 2400+ DPS, (with 118 damage boost from attribute).. (756, 832, 907) With hero boost. 3200+ DPS. with total of 18+ in hero boost skill. (1156,1274,1390) Put 400k+ into the weapon upgrading. Asking 125k
  3. username is never the same, and always random.
  4. Usually in ranked game my username shows up as = 'player (+4 or 5 digits)'..... "player 63985" something like that... Also I cannot create any multiplayer games. Screenshot reference.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leumasx7/screenshot/649869707966636366
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