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  1. Hello my quest line bugged because i skipped the tutoriel noone has a solution to this so i just wish my account to be delete and start again , i'm still waiting on an awnser from support in the mean time is there a bug that could exploit to lose caracter data on purpose? thanks
  2. i skipped tutoriel and now my 1st quest never validated , reseting tutoriel does nothing what do i do
  3. i tried reseting the tutoriel but nothing happens prehaps i'll wait until it's fixed i can only play with friends because my caracter cant solo past the first map
  4. how do i delete a save game and restart the whole thing
  5. Hello i skipped tutoriel and jumped into a game with friends , it messed up my quest i can't do the 1st one now no matter how many times i restart the mission , i want to completly restart the game as a quick fix , unistaling and reinstaling doessnt delete caracters
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