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  1. I know myself and many of my friends stopped playing purely because why bother grinding continuously when we have mostly the best gear and the xp for 75 in all characters already. Everyone stopped playing 2-4 weeks ago as there was nothing worth playing for anymore until shards 2 comes out.
  2. aw Disco Apprentice would be much better. Leprechaun suck.
  3. I'm going to disagree. Random 4 man squad got up to the boss (and got it down to 20m hp until i lost agro for a mere second and it destroyed our defences). The hosts squire build with tower stats of 1100/1200/500/900 + some enrage auras got us through the map with ease and i would of killed the boss if i hadn't lost the bloody agro. Enrage auras might slow the map down slightly but it makes getting to the boss extremely easy.
  4. No. I'm still doing 1.2m dps with whatever im using. Haven't upgraded anything since Monday.
  5. Great performance increase for the cupid map. I now get 8fps instead of 6! So its still unplayable.
  6. An indie game that came out 3 months ago still has 5-7k players everyday. There are allot of other games that are dead within 3 months.
  7. Well i'll have to wait till 7.17b to do the new map. Getting 3fps on the new map.
  8. Far out... people steam is down. Go get some fresh air its not the end of the world.
  9. Could this go for upgrading too. I'm so sick of the game wanting me to upgrade the 1 star enrage aura over every other bloody tower in the game.
  10. Endless Spires Nightmare Hardcore. There is no reason why people can't get through the first two waves. They can then loot the chests get 1-3 myth drops. Repeat a couple of times until they have enough stats to get through the first ogre. Then build up till they can perfect it. Then Mystmyre's first 1-2 waves are easily do-able with the endless spires gear.
  11. Once you have some 74's you can do nightmare for allot more xp. Thus 74 -76 and beyond will be do-able for example on Nightmare Mystmyre up to wave 12 is 2m+ xp (no need to defeat the boss) with 75m+ mana gained (solo). What does a nightmare glitter run give? Sure its still glitter but it'd be more xp then insane and surely by then people will have tower stats that allow them to do glittter nightmare easier.
  12. So what is Feb/March like since you just came back from the 4th of April. Any world changing developments?
  13. Got complete shards, foolishly spent 99c and bought the map pack. Oh well its only 99c.
  14. lol. I haven't crashed since early December. Go play some TF2 if you want to see a game with a real issue with crashing.
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