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  1. I use cannons in NM4, YOLO. Seriously though saying LSA is the only viable tower here is incredibly ignorant. Gear up other classes properly and stop relying on the LSA bug to clear content.
  2. This post is meant to be a review of many of the item affixes and items in general in end game gear (iPWR 780-855) and how they scale into endgame from the perspective of a squire. I will not really touch on primary affixes since they are pretty self explanatory. Lifeleech - Gain a # of health when striking an enemy. This ability does not scale at all into end game, the mobs begin to hit too hard for this to make any difference. For tanking purposes it is required to have a harmony in every lane. I would love to see this stat either become a % lifeleech or have the max value increased to something like 250 so that a correctly geared hero could tank a lane without a harmony and free up defence points through intelligent use of items. Harden - Grants # Physical Resistance. Currently great, scales well into end game and very happy with the values. Nullify - Grants a # Magic Resistance. Same as above. Conflagarate - When struck there is a % chance of doing a # of fire damage to enemies. Currently the damage value is very low for end game, and this ability does next to nothing in a magic resist lane. Requires further testing to see if it works well with Oiled mobs. Taser - When struck there is a % chance of electrocuting all mobs around you disabling them for a moment. This is amazing, having this on a chest is very very worth it. Retribution - When Struck there is a chance of doing a # of unresistible damage back. Garbage. Needs a significant buff to the value range if you want anyone to use this to any effect in end game. Finglonger - Increases the range at which you can start a tower upgrade, repair, or sell. Not really amazing but decently useful when tanking a mass of mobs or an ogre and you want to start a blockade repair without losing your positioning. Contruction - Increases combat tower construction speed by a % Not really sure what to say about this stat, feels kinda useless since most people have a builder and a hero character to play during the combat phase. So even if something did die you would not be able to replace it until after combat. Service Call - Increases combat tower repair rate by a % This is a good stat to get on gloves, faster repairs are never a bad thing. Pickpocket - Grants a % increase to gold drops from hero kills. Pretty self explanatory, haven't done enough testing to see how much of my gold comes from drops so not sure how this would scale. Mercantile - Grants a % increase to gold drops from tower kills. Same as above. Vector Corrector - Grants a % increase in projectile tower range. If you are going to be building cannons, this is a must have. Currently has a wierd interaction with range spheres. It is taking the default value for cannons of 2400 and increasing by 10% for the first sphere to 2640 then the second sphere for another 10% to 2904, then vector is taking effect (Mines currently 14%) increasing it by 14% to 3310 at Tier 1. Not sure if the spheres are meant to apply this way but honestly not complaining because of the lack of any other way to get tower range. Channel - Grants a # of mana regen. Awesome affix, always glad to see it along with some other good stats. Superconductor - Grants a % reduction to ability mana costs. Not as good as channel, but still very welcome when you have to use taunt almost on cooldown. When coupled with channel allows for stomping as well without risking going oom too quickly! Footloose - Grants movement speed. Feels very meh atm, maybe the value is too low... or movement just isn't really that exciting of a stat. Defence Critical Chance - Increases your defense crit chance by a %. At iPWR 840 this is really the only way to scale damage further, feels like its "The" end game stat. Right now I have nothing to do but hunt items with Defense Power and Defense Crit Damage primaries along with Defense Crit Chance secondaries... That said, it is extremely disappointing that my towers are capped at a max crit chance of 30%, not sure if this is intentional, a bug, or a display error. Hero Crit Chance - Increases your hero crit chance by a %. Same as Defense Critical Chance aside from no cap on your crit chance, seems to be how you scale damage past straight defense power at end game. Now for the Squire affixes. Trollface - Increases the duration of taunt by a # of seconds. Abso***inglootly amazing and IMO you cannot live without this. Firstly taunt makes you immune to knockbacks, through two items with this and the large sphere you can gain a 100% uptime on taunt essentially stopping a lane in its tracks. Tanking end game ogres is nearly impossible without this. Shellshock - Grats cannon towers a % chance to stun whatever they hit for 2 seconds. Kind of disappointing with towers in their current iteration, all my cannons shoot the same target at the same time so they usually stun it.... but its just that one imp, or orc and the rest really don't give a ***. Would be better as either a very small AOE stun, or change the effect to grant some kind of damage bonus. Aftershock - Increases the duration of your AOE stun. Decent, but pointless unless you can sustain taunt and have mana left over for this ability. Black Arrow - Grants your Ballista a 30% chance of doing roughly 50% more damage as magic. Honestly if the Ballista was not completely garbage/brokenas*** atm this would be an amazing affix.
  3. Three waves per round means 45 waves before you see the special loot, in DD1 it was 25 which is a bit more in line with the rate of rewards id like to see. I would love it if they made it two waves per round instead of three. Just seems the mode takes forever to get anywhere.... without trash mob loot its unbearable, maybe everything's fine the way it is once they put normal loot drops back in.
  4. Me and my group were able to clear to the final wave and killed every boss along the way, not a single item dropped from any of the bosses. Please fix so we can progress!
  5. Flak cannon! Srsly we need something better than the inferior wild wacky flailing wall.
  6. *WALL OF TEXT INCOMING!* fookiebookie, Shkleebyn, Predule, and I just made it to round 22 in Nightmare 4 Onslaught Liferoot. The game mode itself is a blast but there are some things that we unanimously dislike about the game mode in its current iteration. Firstly the horde spawn wave is three to four times as long as any other round and is just a tedious wave with no real flavor other than "Here comes 900 small dudes who will take forever to kill." The second thing that we were very displeased with was the loot, at the end of the 22 rounds when we finally lost we were getting the same iPWR as before. Nor was the loot rewards from round completions becoming better... sadly the special round 15 reward weapons are also a huge let down because of the random stats and class. We were hoping for something more akin to unique items in diablo 2/3, Path of Exile, or even dungeon defenders the original since those items always spawned with certain stats and you knew exactly what you were getting when you put in the effort. Thirdly is the lack of wave variety. Though it's not a huge problem. I know that this is probably something you will address in the future and is simply on a backburner while you work on more pressing matters like bugs and balance. Ogres man....
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