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  1. Excellent idea! I would like to add to it, by also adding a "Send to TIB" button for a single item, when you are hovering over it, in the same way we have pick up and equip. Really annoying when 2-3 items are in the exact same place and you can only see the stats for one of them. Perhaps one could also have a rarity modifier to the "Send all to TIB" button? Such as, "send every item of rarity Blue or lower to the TIB". Or have it open a quick tab where you can choose by pressing the number keys ( 1 for all grey items, 2 for green and lower, 3 for blue and lower etc.) and clicking the "Send all to TIB" button cancels the tab.
  2. It would be nice to see a fix for the Daily quests, since I think I've only gotten one so far. Then again, a hotfix is a hotfix, and is by nature quite limited in what it solves. I do think and hope the quests would have a high priority in fixing.
  3. The same thing happened to me earlier, now I am hoping for this AND the glitch where Betsy is overlooking the battlefield while also being dead. The poor girl has gone insane from all the times she's been killed over these last few days...
  4. Bad Idea, DunDef is a P2P Game, not a MMORPG. Play Single = Hacking Items = Trade to AH. Is DunDef a MMORPG, Than yes, but.... it isnt, so No. And whyyy, would it be a bad idea? Yeah, it is not an mmorpg, so what?
  5. This would be excellent, then we might get rid of all the WTS threads with 14 replies, where everyone of those replies except 2 are the seller bumping his/her post... ... ... There are few "Gear-heavy" games that can stand without some form of an auction system, wheter it be mass forum posts or an ingame one. And an ingame one is just so much easier on the consumer, not to mention the forum. I fully support te idea of an AH in Dungeon Defenders! If nothing else, it would remove/reduce the amount of scammers, if the trade is done through an ingame-system.
  6. Every tried spooktacular with maxed auras? It can be challenging to cover all choke points without raging about other auras being in the way. Indeed, playing that map is what got me to make this thread. I have to place my auras very carefully, and in a specific order to get them where I want them. Had to sell an rebuild 5 auras to get them all down almost where I wanted them. Having a high stat should never, never, never, be a disadvantage.
  7. Hard ones are: Zippy (easy to mess up unless you're doing the 100% block squire thing) Spooky (No defence survives 40 ogres, stressful!) Assault (Doing it without a grenade launcher or Blasticus is pretty darn hardcore) Warping Core(Archers will give you nightmares.) Glittering(Mostly because if you're unlucky you'll get a triple Ogre spawn on the other side of the map, more of old school RNG difficulty then actual challenge tho) Monsterfest (No build time whatsoever, arr!) Only ones I can think off of the top of my head. Only Monsterfest and Assault have the timer as a core part of the challenge. That is one of the reasons I am not fond of the timer. For me, it does not add difficulty, it just adds stress and annoyance. It feels more like the game is cheating than it actually being hard.
  8. Greetings! I assume I am not the only one who has been getting pissed when you realise that you cant place your aura where you want it, becuse it is just to big. So basicly, putting to many points in aura radius is actually negative for a monk. And this is quite contradictory to how the game works in general, where a higher stat is always better than a lower one. When you respec and cough up the 100k mana cost, you usually do it to get a higher value in some stat, not becuse you want to remove from one, that is just a necesery bi-effect. So, my suggestion is that you allow auras to overlap with each other. And the place where they overlap, only the aura with the highest health will "tick", to prevent several auras to be in use at the same time. That would also mean that you could, techically, have two sets of auras covering the same area, thus effectivly doubling their staying power. And since the other classes can bunch up their defenses, I see no reason for why the monk should not. Either that, or allow us to reduce the aura size when placing them, and only having Aura radius determine the maximum size.
  9. I had a long post planned with a lot of references and comparissons between old school difficulties, such as blind jumping, but I have decided to skip that. Instead, I will just quickly and simply explain why I voted No here. The build timer is not adding diffiiculty, nor suspense. It just annoys me. I have no problem getting my defenses up in time, I just dont like being stressed. Basicly, it goes back to the basic concept of art. "An artist knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away". So, dont add stuff that doesnt need to be there. And for me, the build timer is not fun. It's. Just. Not. Fun.
  10. Well, these kinds of choices have always been obvious to me and should be for developers in any loot-based game, lol. I used strong language because if a developer reads this he needs to understand that it's a BIG problem. For example, I'm tired of soloing the Halloween Spooktacular challenge event on hard to farm Van Wolfensteins and being rewarded with epics and legendaries with under 20 upgrades and fewer than 5 shots per second or 3 bonus projectiles. I don't mind having to work for a perfect one, which is what I'm doing, but 95% of these Van Wolfensteins are utterly useless in comparison to a near perfect one and I have to waste 14 minutes or so each trip. I doubt that harsher language will get the devs to take more notice, but if it makes you feel good, go for it. And, indeed, the main "problem" is simply in the numbers, to many crappy items dropping in the harder difficulties. I would prefer that they reduced the quantity of items, and improved the quality in sync with inreasing difficulties.
  11. Eeeeh, from what I gathered from your test, actually its Tower attack speed, at least on that tower, that is the most effective. Sure, you had a bit lower in it here, which would increase the gain in comparison, but still, the difference is in the favor of Tower attack speed. Lets see, damage goes from 602 to 765, that is roughly 25% increase in dps (if there would be no change in attack speed). The attack speed, or rather the delay between attacks, goes from .24 to .17, which translates to almost 50% dps increase (you get almost 3 hits in the same time you got 2 before).
  12. I totally agree, that is my thoughts. I made a note of this in my post earlier today about loot, along with various other ideas. Some randomisation is good, to much is just annoying.
  13. I went into this briefly in a Suggestions thread I made earlier, and I feel your pain. It is wierd how much of the gear on my lvl 70 chars came from playing through the campaign on medium/hard, and not the hours and hours I've spent doing farming runs on hard/insane. I usually love randomisation in games like these, but sometimes it's too random, there is no consistency at all. It also doesnt help that we can uppgrade items, it makes it very hard to make snapjudgement if something is actually better.
  14. All of you are wrong, the speed is correct. However, if you look closely at the dummy you might notice it's actually hitting twice per slice. No, the speed is not correct. For the slicer, perhaps, it sounds actually quite logical, but all the other towers attacks slower than the stated attack speed. My harpoons for example, should attack once every .7 seconds. But they dont. They attack every .8ish something.
  15. Nightryder, the dummy automaticly "rounds out" the numbers, so it has problems getting a diffrence between 4 attacks per second, and 4.2 attacks per second. Your best bet is to see how much damage each attack does and then count how fast it is, unfortunatly, the attack speed the tower lists are not correct.
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