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  1. Returning after a long time not playing, have never had one and would like one
  2. Hard to see with most of the picture really bad. win+prntscreen and f12 both work. Go to the item's main page. Although it will probably be very valuable due to 430^ bone staff... Unless it has no extra projectiles. If it has no extra projectiles, RNGesus trolled you.
  3. My favorite DD memory is probably when I was first introduced to DD through mobile. I played the first few levels with friends. We got to the demon lord boss and took like 3 tries to beat it. We were all pumped to finally do that. Later finished the campaign but that was probably the best part. Long, long time ago when mobile was active...
  4. You are the number of the last number of your current posts as I type this (at this time it is 1) #396
  5. Not a bug per se. Probably more like Nightmare wasnt released at the time those original achieves were made and then when Nightmare was added, they didnt go back and link it to unlock everything below NM. That was what I meant.
  6. There are achievements for beating area 1, 2, 3 on hard or insane and while I have beaten various maps there on hard or insane, completing them all on Nightmare does not give you the achievements for beating them on hard or insane. This seems more like a bug than intentional and should probably be changed.
  7. i think I have a few 330-340^ staffs with ab2 and proj speed unupgraded.
  8. Yes he does. Solo'ing the boss with 3 completely afks is almost impossible.
  9. I use various community builds, trying to find one that is reliable. If you get unlucky, it doesnt work. One out of every 5ish runs fails generally. I bring: 1) DPS jester that I posted above, active fighting phoenix 2) Brother's apprentice with 58k desert staff, trans-sup-ult mix armor, prop cat, active fighting phoenix 3) Apprentice emulator, afk 4) Either emulator boost monk (if you want it to go more reliably) or emulator apprentice if you think you have it down, afk The way I play for the bosswave is to kill the phoenix as fast as possible because you only have a limited time before t
  10. This is my jester, but the boss can still be killed without 7k hero damage or ultra high-tier weapons.
  11. I am trying out different community builds. I have a very large screen so my DPS jester screen is large enough to see. I have to upgrade over the first few waves with an upgrader, and once the community builds that people have created are upgraded, depending on the build all you will really have to do is maybe kill some Harbingers. On the second to last wave get healing auras on the bridge and if you dont mind getting a monk weapon on one of your emus, use hero boost with a monk on one. Use DPS jester or if you think you are good enough to hit the Phoenix when it dives, use DPS barb. Get full
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