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  1. I got the email and everything for it never said when the update was being released. Is there a release date for it yet?
  2. When i try to leave the season i get an error, when i try a second time my game just crashes. Then when i try to start my game back up it says the game is already open but all of the games processes have been ended.
  3. Come join the stream and talk about DD2 with us Twitch: UnpredictableCactus https://www.twitch.tv/unpredictablecactus
  4. Thank you so much i didnt know that i would be able to use the geyser traps although it had crossed my mind
  5. Whats the best map / gamemode to play to knock enemies into the air/ stun the enemies?
  6. Id like to see what the community would like to see from dungeon defenders 2 and id like to make a podcast with a buddy while playing the game giving our feedback on what we think of these ideas and how they would affect the overall game itself.
  7. Before I installed windows 10 I was playing dungeon defenders 2 just fine but after I installed it. It wouldnt find the game files in the dungeon defenders 2 folder. I reinstalled the game and it still wont work I got the same problem. Ive tried going through steam and verifying the integerity of the games cache and it says 1 file was not found and will be validated and I run it a second time and its fine. But I start it up it gets to the launcher but when I click play and the DD2 icon shows up the program stops running. I had even uninstalled and redownloaded the game.
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