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    Wipe Vote

    Okay, so it seems everyone is thinking of this suggestion from a personal point of view, rather than looking at Trendy's point of view in creating their game. Everything is revamped for the most part. New mechanics are in the game, and at the moment, the game is in a state of uncertainty for most. Naturally, you think of things and how they affect you first, but I think signing up to participate in alpha/beta, you are signing up to test things for the dev team, so that when the game is finally launched, it is as successful as it can be. I think the game as a whole needs to be re-tested, not just end game. There have been all these problems at end game, where there was plenty of testing, but who knows how much worse/better it is at lower levels. When the game goes F2P, and the beginning game is awful, people will not play, plain and simple, and the game will not be successful. Looking at it from Trendy's point of view, they should want people testing the whole game. Yes, end-game is the end all be all, but as the cliche goes, its not the destination, its the journey. Personally, I believe that there should be AT LEAST one full wipe before right before, or near to F2P. Having half the community at 50 and fully geared, will wind up carrying the other half and they will not experience the first 49 levels as they were intended, and all the work put into it will be pretty much wasted for half of the community. However, with that said, keep the conversation going (don't forget to like it as well!) and please refrain from making personal attacks and saying things like "oh I'm not X with Y amount of time like some people..." because frankly, those comments do not help anything, and just add unneeded animosity to an already touchy subject.
  2. Seppy

    Wipe Vote

    Hey all! So, the game is in alpha, all the classes got their passive(s), the map and loot was restructured, among many other changes. There were two gear rollbacks, which the Dev Team said on stream that, in hindsight, a wipe may have been the way to go, rather than rolling back gear. It is pretty clear that doing tiny hotfix type changes isn’t working as a whole. My question to everyone, Trendy included, is why are we not at least getting a chance to vote for a wipe or not? Every time it is brought up, Trendy claims that they don’t want to do a wipe because they don’t want to set people back so they lose their progress. A vote would alleviate that worry. Now, I’m not asking why you want a wipe or not, that isn’t what this thread is about, because that thread won’t get anywhere because the debate can go on forever. What I’m asking is, why isn’t there at least a vote for it? Trendy has seen many people asking about it, but always go back to their “We don’t want to wipe if we don’t have to,” but after all the game has been through since the last wipe, I think the idea of a vote at least should be considered. Do you think there should be at least a vote to wipe the game? Tl;dr- Do you think there should be a VOTE to wipe? Butreally, read the whole thing ;)
  3. Hello all, Just a simple suggestion. For queueing for public games, would it be such a bad idea to require the player's full hero deck to have the required ilvl to join a public game? There have been so many times that I'm in a game in hard mode and people switch to their alts (sometimes as low as level 1) and we fail because they cant do anything against the mobs. Even after asking multiple times and getting the response "I'm just here to level my alts" it gets very frustrating because even after leaving, I get paired up with the same people and have to go through everything all over again. If you want to level alts, do it via the old fashoned way and don't expect people to carry you. I think the idea of the full deck iPWR (or perhaps even averaged iPWR in the deck could even work) in order to queue for X iPWR map. Ideas? Suggestions? Good/Bad idea?
  4. I propose an achievement for gaining 2 full bags of rotten eggs before shards are correctly implimented. Achievement: Tried so Shard But yes, please stackable. and pet food, also stackable pretty please.
  5. Honestly, I think that would make it less useful than it is now. The reason it is an aura is so that you can umbrella it over a lane or even two defenses. Making it scale downward would make it so spread out it would be neglegable at a certain point, just a thought At the moment, personally I use the aura for the defense boost, the little damage boost is just extra at the current time.
  6. Exotic I suppose taking it out completely would cause problems, however, I do feel that having the single item rely 100% on RNG is not the way to go either. There are many people like myself who have grinded/will continue to grind until they get the egg, and may not even get it. Then what? The only thing they have to take away from the event is "Well, I wasted a whole lot of time over that weekend." I just feel that Starting off with such a boring event will turn people off from getting excited about future events because they will see an event announcement and think "Oh, wonder how many map clears that's going to take." [[27588,users]] Sure, if the loot had different stats or was better than anything currently in the game, sure, make it based on RNG. The egg is not, its purely cosmetic, a symbol that you were playing the game when this particular thing happened, and you have something to show for it, other than time spent just to get nothing out of it.
  7. Hello all, So, I just got my Madwick Egg after "I stopped counting" many hours. Needless to say, I think I stopped having fun with the event after the first 10 hours of the same two maps over and over and over. I played on both Normal and Easy Difficulties (I also tried Hard, but every time I queued for a hard map, I was by myself, so I stopped trying that.) I believe the events are supposed to be fun, engaging, and slightly difficult, to commemorate a time in the game that may not be experienced again (until the following year, month, ever, what have you.) Unfortunately, grinding RNG for an item is none of those things. Sure, people who got the egg in their first few runs may think otherwise, but after spending a whole Saturday and a majority of the previous Friday grinding the same two maps, it quickly stops being an event, and starts becoming a chore. Now, I know what you might be thinking! "But Seppy, its an optional event, you dont have to grind it out!" And you are 100% Correct! However, the developers put the event in the game, so they must want people to do it, yes? They must have an idea that people will have fun while doing the event they worked so very hard on, wouldn't they? I would certainly hope so! So, perhaps some suggestions, to make this a constructive post, rather than a salty, salty rant! (Which I admid, there is a dash of salt lingering somewhere.) Personally, I like events that are a bit more difficult than the run-of-the-mill content. (please note, difficult =/= grind longer). Maybe devise the two maps (in this particular event) to release more enemies, or a bit more powerful enemies, or heck, since it was based on the ogres stealing the eggs, bring back baby ogres! ONLY baby ogres! hundreds of them! Give them the hang gliders too! And let them strap bombs to their backs and ride roller blades only to explode in a glorious display of fireworks! And have the final boss (Maybe after a few extra waves?) You get to fight Momma Ogre! Once you defeat her, you earn your prize. Heck, you can pick 3 event maps and require to win all 3 event maps and THEN you can claim your prize. Just one idea off the top of me noggin. Now, I'm not a developer so I'm sure there are plenty of reasons for making it a standard RNG event (especially since its still pre-alpha) but I feel there could have been a much better way to impliment the event to make it so much more fun, and so much less grindy. tl;dr: RNG events are no fun, and baby ogres should be a thing again. Thank you for (maybe?) reading! Would love to hear your guys' and gals' opinions on things. TE, keep up the great work on the game, you've been very open to the community and are doing a great job thus far on the game!
  8. Not sure if it is a bug or not, but if you get too close as well, the bar is not there. There seems to be a sweet spot of sorts in order for the health bar to show up.
  9. Hello All! Ideally, the Bag Consolidation can well, consolidate all the items in your bags to the least amount of bags needed, this way you don't have to have all your items scattered across all your bags after a selling session. The function can arrange your bags by rarity/type/etc such as eggs, food, legendary, epic, rare, etc. This can be done either via a button in your bag, or automatically be done once you close your bags (the auto function would possibly have a setting to be turned off?) Also, as I'm sure many people, myself included, do use certain bags for certain things, and the consolidate function would possibly mess that up since there will be unused spaces in some bags, and items in others. To fix this, a checkbox would be helpful near each bag, when checked, it is "safe" from the consolidation, and the contents of that bag will not be consolidated. Anyway, just a thought :) not sure if this was suggested already, but after a quick scan I couldnt see anything about it.
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