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  1. Drago Lich is by far the best pet un-nerfed, so if you don't plan on nerfing it any time soon it would be nice to have it re-released this early, I except a nerf coming really soon though from what you said on your devstreams.
  2. Just take a look at other games and how their alpha period was, in 99% of the cases the majority of players would try the game out, see how it was then leave it, and suddenly some time later on they'll hear that the game is released and there will be a massive amount of players playing the game again. It's only the a few players that stick to games that aren't fully developed yet, and even fewer that stick to games in alpha than in beta. Give the developers some time and the game will be great with plently of players later.
  3. I've been helping them finding bugs since pre-alpha, but this isn't a gameplay bug, it literally breaks the game as you're not able to play it
  4. First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE your game! But I just can't play it anymore, after about 15 rampars today, we only managed to do about 8 without crashing.... it's super frustrating to do 7 matches to round 4 or 5, which takes quite a while, i'm guessing we wasted over 2 hours where we got nothing at all. This doesn't only apply to ramparts inc, it happens nearly 50% of the time on nm4 betsy aswell, on the round that she spawns or the round before and it's really getting on my nerves. Just posted this to say that i'm tired of doing the whole map, just to dc at the end and get nothi
  5. You pretty much need a Frosty build to do nm4 at the moment. Your walls seem fine for some nm4 maps, but i don't know the stats of the rest, but everything is a lot easier with Frosty builds that has Chilling Touch (weapon). You can get chilling touch from any nm4 map or from the blacksmith with 550 ipwr. Just try to get one with defense power and snowstorm, the frosty fire is guaranteed on that weapon.
  6. Superman Homemade burgers or take-away burgers?
  7. This monthly reward is terrible. Player who already bought the 16 carnival admission pass pack will have close to zero need for another one considering it only gives 100 tickets / 10 spins on the wheel (worth 25000 gold). Then we also get 300k gold, considering many players can get 600k hold per hour it's a really bad reward. The Mega Pet Jackpot boxes and the title are the only thing worth doing this for, and they're not even that great. A lot of people, myself included, already have boxes full of exquisite pet food thanks to the prize wheel. As for future monthly rewards suggestions: PetsEqu
  8. AS the title said. You guys said that the patch notes were going to be available from the morning, now it's 20 minutes after the patch, and there are still no patch notes.
  9. "Every minute in Africa, a minute passes" "I'll give you a small loan of a million dollars if you just help me clean these beer mugs" "BACK TO WORK" - from the devstream end :D
  10. Try to make an exception for the game path or even steam path in Mcafee. If that doesn't work and everyone who has this problem is using Mcafee then I would suggest changing your anti-virus to Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG. (Both Free)
  11. What's your internet speed? You can google speedtest if you don't know it.
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